What is Affiliate Marketing About & Making Money

You’ve heard all the rumours online and also external to the internet down the road at the local bar asking what is affiliate marketing about? Most people are fed up with working for someone else and fed up sweeping the floor in a factory or cleaning the dishes in a restaurant.

Have you heard the word GEEK, someone that can build a website in an hour? That’s me I can build websites, however, I can’t create 400 posts to complement it in a day. Ten posts a week with no spelling mistakes and grammatically correct is possible to succeed.

You see the myth is true and it’s happening on the internet right now and I happen to be part of the movement. I consider myself lucky to have jumped on the bandwagon when I did because everyone else wants to earn money online too. maybe you would like to join me and find out how.

It’s simple …  You join me as one of my learners and leave the teaching to me. I have taught for 15 years overseas so it doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you can speak and type in English. I will help you until you make money no questions asked.

Everything is easy if you make time to learn. I know because I stopped partying, read the books and watched the training videos to find success. It’s that simple to find out what really is affiliate marketing about and you need to learn the ropes fast.

Nothing comes for free apart from a website and a one week Online Entrepreneur Certification course to get your first website live and indexed on Google because that will get you up and running. It’s that simple, so grab a coffee and read on this will take about ten minutes to digest.

The best things in life come free (Agree?) I think that most people want something in terms of money in return for a sale. It’s true but you don’t need to be holding products when you can sell for businesses from where they sort all the shipping of products and pay you to advertise for them.

Who Will, I will be Working For & How Much Will I Earn

Are you sitting in a bar right now paying $5 for a beer? Well, times that by ten beers on a heavy night that’s $50. That is how much you pay for a premium membership to learn what is affiliate marketing about for one whole month, each month.

I’ll be honest you can be a free member for six months but you won’t have me to mentor you or the training to make the big bucks. The free membership will get you up and running with me. You get my full attention for a week then you make the decision if it’s for you or not.

This is the best part about working online because you are not working for anyone apart from yourself. I will help you find affiliate businesses awaiting affiliates to sell for them such as Amazon or ClickBank and even help you set up your account.

You can earn a lot of money, however, it takes time and dedication. Hell if I can accomplish it I am sure you can. It takes a few weeks to get set up and a few months to earn, however, you don’t have to work 12 hours a day as I do.

As far as earning it depends on the products you want to sell on your website for businesses. For example one of my websites I sell water Ionizers for over $500 a throw which gives me around $50 a sale.

10 Ways to Make Money Quick

What are the Downfalls of Owning an Affiliate Business?

Like any business, you have to treat it like a real business after all this will change your future.  If you want to be realistic I would say six months of solid learning from me and the training and you’ll be set.

It’s easier than sweeping the floor at Mc Donalds or Walmart. Your destiny is in your own hands and you can’t lose unless you go into advertising your business via ads. This is why all the training is based on you getting free traffic via SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation)

That’s it you know the answer to what is affiliate marketing about and you can sign up from anywhere on this page. Just be honest to yourself. If you have had enough of your current job, life and stability join me.

Where Do I Get Training and How Does it Work?

You’ll be joining us at Wealthy Affiliate an online training platform that has been around for 17 years. The platform has the world’s largest online affiliate marketing community and hosts over 175 countries worldwide.

The training starts from day one where you receive a week’s training called the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training which is designed to get your website up and running within four days.

You will learn all the basics of building an online affiliate business and have correspondence with the founders’ Kyle & Carson. These two guys are amazing and will answer any questions you may have.

If you want to build your first website and become a free member just enter your details in the box below and begin building your business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bible Guide for Newbies (Rules)

The rules are simple on the platform. You will be spending the majority of your time learning what is affiliate marketing about and can’t sell products that are not affiliated. Such things as web services, web design, logo creation, proofreading etc need to be verified. This can be done, however only if you let Kyle & Carson know.

You have to be polite and keep things on the topic in the chat room. You can’t talk about religion or faith due to the number of members from other countries. It’s a free and easy atmosphere and the Support is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Make no mistake this is exactly what everyone around the world has been talking about. Free membership to find training to own your own business within a week and you get to choose what you want to sell. This is why bars are emptying with thousands of people making a go of affiliate marketing.

I hope you can join me, make new friends and join our unique community to succeed as we love nothing more than success stories. Success is what makes it all work and we have lot’s of it each day. You have unlimited amounts of training as a premium plus member, a shed load as a premium member and enough training to get your business up and running as a free member.

6 thoughts on “What is Affiliate Marketing About & Making Money”

  1. Stephen, I agree that affiliate marketing is certainly the easiest way to start an online marketing business with very little risk indeed. The profit margins on especially digital products, e.g online marketing training courses, fitness programs etc. is pretty good. I promote a fitness program that pays 70% commission.

    On the other hand I have found that in general affiliate commissions are not usually that great on physical products and I can probably get much better profit margins selling via an e-commerce model.

    In general affiliate marketing is an absolutely fantastic opportunity as this is one of the only business models with such little risk (almost zero) where shed loads of money can be generated. Affiliate marketing is especially an awesome business model for those just starting out with online marketing.

    Thanks so much for a great article – I like the way you brought the British pub culture connection into the article lol.

    • Hi SChalk,

      I think 70% commission is amazing just goes to show the low price they are getting the products for. As far as the risk element the only drawback is the time creating posts, however, once you reach that stage of enjoying content structure it’s far better especially when you know it will create traffic for sure.

      You are correct in saying some commission rates are low that’s the likes of Amazon etc but I guess it all depends on your niche and the amount you sell via your website.

      I enjoy writing training programs and helping others because I know what it was like when I started and I had no idea of the time-consuming elements it would have on me. If I could turn back the clocks I would have spent far more time in training to be honest. Thank You for your time in commenting and wishing you good luck all the way.

  2. Hi Stephen, I totally agree that building your own online business is the best way forward, especially in these uncertain times. Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding ways to make money online. I’m sure many working at McDonalds or Walmart would love to swap long underpaid work hours for a better alternative! You’ve explained what’s involved really well and thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy,

      I think many people think affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn but it isn’t.however anyone can learn to succeed with great training. I think these days mnay people would love to work online if they could and there has been a huge rise in online businesses over the past five years. I enjoy learning and training others as it’s a never ending process with new challenges with Google algorithms changing frequently. Thanks for commenting Kathy.

  3. Thanks for your blog post Stephen. This should be an eye opener for everyone who is looking to earn money online and is tired of the present job. Affiliate Marketing is indeed the best way to start earning money online regarding the low budget required upon starting. One question though, you wrote that web design, logo creation, etc can’t be sold. What did you mean by that? Great post!

    • Hi Julius,

      I think if people are helping out on a platform or community and want to create a business out of business such as helping others with branding it needs to be passed by the owners of the platform first so that members can create logo’s etc for each other. It’s the fair method of doing business on a platform, especially when there are 1000’s members to sell to. Thank You for posting Julius.


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