Wealthy Affiliate Review for Online Business Success

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Review for online business success from where you are going to be taken all the way around the program from start to finish. The information I relay here coincides with the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game Changer training on this website.

It just so happens I am a lasting member of Wealthy Affiliate and know the ropes, moreover, I built this website from its platform for you to learn. I have learned to construct websites for a faster response with the help of Wealthy Affiliate.

Are you looking for an all-in-one platform that has all site build tools via WordPress with thousands of unique training courses to build your business?

Making your mind can sometimes be difficult and there are always times you consider the risk factor, therefore, joining a paid subscription can sometimes feel daunting as far as finances go. It’s a fact that this system of Wealthy Affiliate works and as a free starter, it’s paving the way forward.

By incorporating the system for Algorithms and Thinking Psychology you will naturally progress, therefore, completing tasks for your business start-up phase will become easier therefore successful progression comes naturally.

The 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer will help you move forward with your Wealthy Affiliate decision.

Lets’s Start the Wealthy Affiliate Journey

Wealthy Affiliate is partnered up with WordPress for members to build all websites using the WordPress site build interface where you will have access to the dashboard to build your business. You can log into WordPress via Wealthy Affiliate.

The security of your website is incorporated into Wealthy Affiliate’s servers where all information is stored safely so there is no need to worry. The transition over to Wealthy Affiliate is easy and straightforward.

Getting started has never been easier with step by step training from joining the platform, completing profiles to training and earning your first referral paycheck. When you have done the training aimed at your niche, adding content and joining programs to promote you will have a business that works.

It’s Time to Think About Your Niche

Let’s begin the journey as to why you should follow in my footsteps and create your own affiliate marketing business. There are a million reasons to follow me towards success, moreover, you are going to become an excellent content writer to nurture and promote your niche.

Before I take you on the Wealthy Affiliate review for online business success you need to get your thinking cap on and create a niche, something you know a lot about.

Also, you need to find merchants that sell products related to your niche, moreover, you need to create over 30+ posts or pages to compliment your website. Let’s get started with this from start to finish.

Keep Your Website Design Simple

Keep your ideas simple with the Entrepreneur Certification Training offered for free. New ideas will flow through your day as no other program has taught you, therefore wealthy Affiliate prides itself to promote success, which is what makes it work.

You can start your business with a free website and start your site build project whereas, by day 4 of the  Online Entrepreneur Certification training, you will have a website to work on. The training teaches simple methods to show you that website speed is the all-important method towards success and how to implement content for sales.

An Introduction to the Free Site Rubix

Your website will be created from day four with the well-known Site Rubix domain which is created within Wealthy Affiliate from the Website builder interface as shown in the picture below.

You have three choices while you’re undergoing the free training to incorporate with what you learn. You can choose a free domain name (Site Rubix), use a domain you already have or even purchase a domain from the on-site domain finder.

Building a website sounds like a “scary” process, but fortunately, you have access to the most advanced, yet simplistic website platform in the world at Wealthy Affiliate.

No stones have been unturned to produce a money-making website that drives traffic, moreover, it takes less time than any other platform on the internet.

How to Get Started at Wealthy Affiliate

Free Starter Membership 

Let’s see how you get started after signing up. Wealthy Affiliate Review for online business success shows you how to start for free. Simply sign up and create a profile so that other members can add you to their friend list. I have 700 friends so I expect if you are willing to give this a try you will make a whole lot of new friends.

With the free member starter account, you get the first five lessons for free out of of 50 lessons which is the first training phase that will help you build your website in a few days. You will then spend time implementing content. You also have access to Jaaxy keyword search tool allowing 30 keyword searches.

The (5 courses of 50 lessons) are called the Online Entrepreneur Certification training course. After you have completed the first 5 lessons you receive a congratulation badge. Remember the training will allow you to be up and running within a week with your website.

No Credit Card Needed to Trial the Platform

Do You Want to Go to Las Vegas?

How to Win a Trip to Las Vegas

There is no real competition in Wealthy Affiliate apart from making 300 referrals over a year. That’s Right!

You could be going to Las Vegas all expenses paid to enter into a conference to learn from the worlds best super affiliates. However, If you join Wealthy Affiliate you will have to work hard, therefore take it seriously.

If you are motivated to reach out for success to gain the skills to succeed online the seat is booked.  You will just need to be a part of the community which will jump-start your career towards a new direction, one of success. 

All expenses are paid apart from your own free-time trips. Hotel, flights and catering are covered including all entrance fees to conferences. Some people make 300 sales in a month and others a year, however, the key is to work hard, think big and accomplish as soon as you can.

Premium Membership

With Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you have full access to 5 courses of the Online Entrepreneur Certification , that’s 50 lessons in total. The Affiliate marketing Boot Camp is where you can earn a great income if you take on the training which is 7 Courses and 70 lessons.

Premium membership includes free SSL, daily backup, 24/7 technical support, hacking prevention, DDos Protection, Dual Server Hosting Redundancy and much more. You can be sure your website will be safe in the hands of Wealthy Affiliates’ servers.

You also have access to Jaaxy Lite ($19/month value) with unlimited keyword searches, keyword idea generation (390 results), 2000 SiteRank analysis scans, and much more. Jaxxy is the ideal tool to locate and implement keywords into your website to rank higher in search engines.

With over 500 Million “brand new” search terms being searched every day Jaaxy is the ideal tool that comes with your membership. You Can give Jaaxy a trial below to find Keywords on a trial basis. Jaxy was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

Premium Plus Membership

As you become familiar with the Wealthy Affiliate platform with my Wealthy Affiliate Review for Online Business Success you may wish to upgrade to the Premium Plus, therefore getting all the training and tools that all other membership subscribers have.

Some people dive straight in and take on the Premium Plus membership as a business plan to learn everything affiliate marketing based. It’s all done on one platform.

You also have access to 1000+ training modules and all expert classes and the ability to build and host 50 premium websites. This is more for those that have high expectations to earn money online fast and it all comes at an affordable price. Training is incorporated daily so there is a continuous learning curb.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Wealthy Affiliate for online business success shows there are three available membership prices to begin your journey. The Starter account is free. Wealthy Affiliate Premium is the next available membership which includes all core training and costs $49/month. or $495/yearly.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus+ includes all core training with many extras and costs $99/month. or $995/yearly. The price difference reflects on how much training you get, however, as a free member some upgrade once they have made a few dollars on the free membership to cover costs.

Contact Wealthy Affiliate Site Support Details

I don’t think there are many businesses such as Wealthy Affiliate that has 100% site support throughout the year. Wealthy Affiliate runs site support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Wherever you are around the world you can contact site support to help you with various site build issues you may have. They have an excellent turnover of getting results and getting questions answered quickly when you join the platform.

I am sure by now you are feeling positive about joining Wealthy Affiliate with my Wealthy Affiliate review for online business success and know that your future could be financially better by taking the training to make an advance towards online success.

How to make Money Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program available for all members from where you have a chance to make a great living. If you choose you can write reviews, add banners or links with your unique tracking code added to each page on your website.

The tracking code allows Wealthy Affiliate to track your referrals and pay you for your work. Commissions for referrals are broken down below for more understanding.

How to Win a Trip to Las Vegas

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The Wealthy Affiliate advertising program coincides with the free Bootcamp training you receive on all membership subscriptions and allows you to learn the best possible methods for making the program a success for you.

Remember they are making money from your advertising, so they offer a tidy sum for referrals. The Bootcamp is the training you need to promote for Wealthy Affiliates for referrals made via your website.

Affiliate Bootcamp is going to take you from a potential newbie in the “make money” niche, and turn you into a thriving and successful entrepreneur

Wealthy Affiliate Online Community Platform

The community at Wealthy Affiliate is the core success of the platform where people work together to make it a friendly and professional environment. There are many ways you can communicate via Wealthy Affiliate.

The Chatroom has many members helping others with technical issues to accomplish their goals. You can earn credentials as an ambassador claiming a reward badge by helping others, moreover, you get to learn as you help others.

Various members spend many hours helping others in the chatroom knowing that the future for them as mentors is possible, moreover, it helps them with their own websites.

You have your very own profile blog at Wealthy Affiliate that you can use to share your experiences and your journey online. These blogs are amongst the highest-ranked in the world. 

There are areas on the platform where you can post questions and also create your own blogs that get indexed on search engines. The top ten blogs get listed on the front page of Wealthy Affiliate getting more likes along the way.

The below picture shows you how you can communicate for help on the platform.

Learn How to Help other on Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Ranking System

There is also a ranking system for creating content, furthermore, the more you work on your website content the higher your ranking points on the platform. There is also an activity ranking system where all your activity on the platform scores you higher towards becoming an ambassador.

Finally, there is also a member rank that scores you on your overall membership position on the platform.

Classroom Training Head Quarters

There are MANY ways in which you can build a business and monetize it online. From e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, AdSense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, etc. All of these topics are going to be covered within the classrooms and throughout the platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

The Classroom is a unique idea to ask questions with added tutorials, videos, courses and webinars to learn from all prepared and created by members and admin. There is nothing missed out so if you are looking at tackling a problem or monetising your website this is the best place to read all about it.

If you don’t see the training you are looking for, simply request it. An expert within the community will build it! Each week there are excellent webinars from the leading members of Wealthy Affiliate.

How to Use Wealthy Affiliate Training HQ

Wealthy Affiliate Site Navigation for Members

There are many avenues to follow to stay connected with the platform such as blog writing, creating training, writing articles and searching for domains all made easy from one area as shown below.

The platform is easier to use than some of the other affiliate marketing programs on the web and praises itself for helping people stay active.

There is always something to follow to achieve on the platform whether it’s creating your own niche market-driven website and business or helping others.

The navigation around Wealthy Affiliate is easier than other well-known affiliate marketing platforms and members find that creating their business always seems possible.

How to use the Wealthy Affiliate Help Centre

Creating Your Own Business Email Address

I hope you are enjoying my Wealthy Affiliate Review for Success. Let’s talk about the internal Wealthy Affiliate email system. Creating business emails has never been easier with the email creation tool, therefore keeping all your business under one roof.

There is no need to navigate to other email providers to retrieve your messages. The email system although basic is responsive and has all the treats other email systems have.

You can create a site-specific email address. For example, my website is: Born Affiliate and my name is Stephen so I could create an email address stephen@bornaffiliate.com which gives my email more of a personalised touch for customers to contact me and of course it’s easy to remember.

Learn How to Create emails with Wealthy Affiliate

The Dream is Real & The Journey is Exciting

Finding a Mentor on Wealthy Affiliate

Are you dreaming of meeting exciting entrepreneurs and creating a monetised and automated website that earns money as you sleep? The problem these days is there have been too many doubts with programs that simply ran off with your money. I know I have tested a few and lost money.

It wasn’t until I came across Wealthy Affiliate I gained trust again on a platform that works. My Wealthy Affiliate Review for Online Business Success has developed into quite a popular read for webmasters and those that want to climb onboard the platform and take the exciting ride in website construction.

Come along and meet interesting people and utilise the fantastic tools available to enhance your online experience. I am inside the platform waiting to mentor you when you need me. Hit the sign up button below and join for free or choose a subscription that works for you.

10 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review for Online Business Success”

  1. Hey Stephen,
    Great to read your honest Wealthy Affiliate Review. I’m interested to read that you have tested a few other websites/trainings and have lost money. Can you share which platforms these were?

    Looking into Wealthy Affiliate I see they have been established since 2005 so this is good to know for credibility. The challenge that I see is that keeping the training up to date as the online business world changes. How does Wealthy Affiliate and its training do this?

    Also approximately how much time and effort would a new member need to start earning income? You mentioned 30+ posts as a target for a website, is that about how many posts are needed before earning?

  2. Hi Jonah!

    Really nice Review on the matter! I have some experience on Wealthy Affiliate and I can back up every word you wrote. One thing I thought, do you know if they have money back guarantee if you not happy with the product? All tho you can start for free, so I think you are safe, LoL. 🙂

    • Hi Marcus

      It really is a matter of emailing Kyle and asking him and it depends on the circumstances but my thoughts are you are not obliged to stay on if it doesn’t work out and can cancel at any time. For me, it took about two years to have results but I never gave up hence I knew one day I would be earning money online but I am a slow learner and spent too much time making beautiful websites that looked good instead of thinking about the SEO and load up speed of the websites so I have learned that lesson now!

      In Friendship


  3. I like the way you wrote honestly about WA and it was easy to understand for the beginners. You lead readers to step by step the section you explained about and it will really nice and easy to reach out.

    I hope I can be successful with Wealthy affiliate after losing my money and time on other fake programs.

    I found it helpful. thank you, Stephen.

    • Hi Farzad,

      Thanks for commenting and I’m sure you will be fine given time and plenty of training. It takes time but as you probably know already the training is the most important aspect of Wealthy Affiliates success knowing that the training does work. I am wishing you the best of look and look forward to reading a success story from you in the future.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is one the best beginner-friendly training program. Anyone who wants to start their make money online journey, this is the best platform for them to get started…
    ….That’s where I started five years ago…

    Even if you are not going for the full paid training program, you should definitely go for the free basic training. ..Their free training is simply awesome.

    • Hi Jason.

      I agree Wealthy Affiliate’s training is second to none and the community is the friendliest on the internet. There is advice and help 24 hours a day 365 days a year which is amazing. The training runs in line with getting a website up and running within four days which is amazing and it take s short time to be indexed. I would advise anyone that needs training, a community to share advice and a way to make money online to join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member, premium member or premium plus member. Thanks for your comment, Jason.

  5. Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for this thorough article of Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure people who land on this post can get what they want. It seems that WA is very friendly to beginners and helps them build a website without a hassle. Should we try to make a free website under SiteRubix or purchase a domain name for our niche website?


    • Hi Matt,

      I would say buy your own, however, if money is an issue there is nothing wrong with having a free Site Rubix domain name. It’s no hassle transferring it across to the purchased domain name in a matter of seconds. I often start with new sites on the Site Rubix just to test my site for speed etc and then I transfer across when I have enough content. I think having people refer me is great as they get my attention when on the WA platform as a mentor and helping hand which I enjoy doing.

      Wealthy Affiliate has enough training to last forever so I love the platform to get jobs done. Thanks for your comment, Matt.


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