Wealthy Affiliate – 20 Step Game Changer – Step 5

Wealthy Affiliate is a stand-alone platform made by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers but what can it teach us? Created and launched over 15 years ago by Kyle and Carson from Canada the answer is as much as you have time for.

The platform itself has hundreds if not thousands of lessons to guide you towards success, moreover, it is a place where all your business requirements are launched on one platform. Let’s dig deep into why the platform is so successful.

It’s free to begin your journey with my training now that you have completed the strategy side of marketing it’s time to move on. Now is your time to put what I have taught you into action. Strategically speaking you are ready for the next step.

How to Enter into Wealthy Affiliates Online community

The Wealthy Affiliate community is what makes the whole system work in addition it is how members work together to make the learning process easier. If you are finding it hard read this first – The Best Place His here

With a chat interface and a members post area; you are sure to learn how to create an affiliated website that wins. The Wealthy Affiliate community is what holds the whole platform together, moreover, it creates a comradeship of like-minded business owners that work together to create success.

The challenge is endless with a well-structured training schedule that assists you from day one to create an affiliate business, moreover, the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course is where it all starts.

With the Wealthy Affiliate 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game Changer – Step 6 you are sure to begin the journey towards success with Wealthy Affiliate. I have taught you endless amounts about strategies it is now time to build your business for future success.

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The Wealthy Affiliate community coincides with a commitment to helping others, furthermore, it is how you learn yourself. As you accumulate a wealth of training information and business practices you will deliver and assist in helping others.

It is how you learn to develop online mentorship skills yourself. Where else would you get a website and affiliated business that works at step four of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course?

This is where you will develop and build the foundations of your business along with all the steps at Born Affiliate offers to create an environment that works for you.

Have you ever wondered where you can find a place where you become more important to be excepted for what you know in addition to what you have learned? It’s time to create your future, moreover, it is time to find a community that cares. So why is Wealthy Affiliate so Successful?

Wealthy Affiliate Creates Success

The truth is simple, without all the tools and training to succeed you must wander around the internet to research and research a lot. This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so successful from where you never need to move away from the platform to build your business.

Yes, you must research the lessons as I have explained to you with my 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game Changer advice, but the training is on one platform. This doesn’t mean I require you to leave me at this point, moreover, reap the rewards to continue training right here too.

Finding Success with Wealthy Affiliate

What You learn at Wealthy Affiliate – Online Entrepreneurship Certification

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Mastering online engagement is what I have taught you with the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer. Furthermore, it’s how you begin your journey.

At this point, I have talked about strategies and needs to implement them into your knowledge base to give you a head start.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is free for a week and then $19 for the first month and a recurring payment of $49 each month thereafter. This gives you access to a free keyword search tool, all the training and entrance into a community that cares and 100% motivation to build your websites.

Notice I mention the plural ”websites” because by the end of the training you’re going to want to launch more than one business to earn money. Earning money is the essential and number one reason to access the training.

Therefore, I introduced you to Wealthy Affiliate at step 6 of the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer. I want you to begin your journey right here today with what I have already taught you and what is on the horizon from here on in.

Your First Affiliated Website Towards Success

By now you are most likely wondering about your first product to sell online. The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is a great place to learn how to promote, how to make money online and where you will reap the rewards.

Mastered and created by Kyle and Carson the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is a great place to start not to mention how to earn money promoting the platform. Moreover, you can win a trip to Las Vegas to meet the teams. You can Access the Bootcamp Training here:

Learning Affiliate Marketing from Wealthy Affiliate

What You Earn from Marketing Wealthy Affiliate

How Much Can I Earn from Marketing Wealthy Affiliate?

What is the Bootcamp About?

The Bootcamp is about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer. The greatest part about learning from Bootcamp is that you learn how the system works and how to get your business rolling with the training offered.

To summarise it helps you understand the key elements of how to be affiliated with a business that pays well. It takes time to learn but opens many avenues towards promoting other businesses afterwards.

In total there are 70 lessons to learn from to walk you through the process of creating and establishing an online business that works. You can access links for promotion right from your membership dashboard and implement banners, links, and content into your project website.

There is also a training headquarters portal from where you can access training that members have created as far back as 2002. Also, there is a training classroom that reflects on problematic issues that are covered by in-depth lessons from members that have been through the stages towards success.

How to Choose a Domain Name & Transfer it Across to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate - How to Transfer Domains

I guess by now you’re wondering how to create a domain name for your niche. Don’t worry it’s all done on the Wealthy Affiliate platform from where you can transfer your domain across to the Wealthy Affiliate nameservers if you choose a domain name away from the platform.

Even better you can purchase a domain name on the platform for as little as $13.99 and have it all ready to go with your website.

As mentioned in The Best Website Creation Site Online – Step Three you will be working with WordPress websites with over 4000 templates to choose from.

The training will help you choose the most common and easy to use websites for your projects, Moreover, WordPress has the best plugins to create your website’s needs such as webforms and social media buttons for sending to social media platforms.

The best Solution to Website Hosting

Even better you can choose a free domain name to build your website on an interface called (Site Rubix) a free domain name and website interface (WordPress) to get you started from where you simply transfer it across later when you have your own domain name and an idea for your website.

You can build your websites for free over a 6-month timeline until you must have them transferred across to your own website driven by WordPress.

This gives you plenty of time to adapt. No matter how you plan there is a timesaving, money-saving alternative to get you started. You can access a free trial for a week for the Entrepreneur Certification Training and get a feel of the platform.

Kyle and Carson will be there for you every step of the way offering solutions, ideas, and training to assist you along the way. If it’s not for you simply move on no questions asked.

Most people stay on for the community and friendly approach of all members that utilise the platform to reach success.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training Material

Each week there is a live webinar for training by our platform colleague called Jay. He is a remarkable person with an enormous amount of energy and trust by fellow members to drive us towards success. The training is easy to follow and worthy of making any business idea work from analytics to content-driven ideas.

Each week differs from the last and is as good as the first. There are videos, live webinars, and online training to reach out to all walks of affiliate marketers. Whatever your niche there are videos created by members for all. No matter what your niche all is covered on the platform.

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I’ve been a paying member for two years now and haven’t looked back since. For me it’s a dollar a day for what I receive in training which is a low sum to pay compared to other programs. Wealthy Affiliate has left no stone unturned with training and community awareness. It’s like a huge family that cares about each other.

Many members learn through helping others on the chat room interface which gives them a head start later down the line. Most of those people become great mentors so if you are ready to share your training to help others this is for you. If you are just in there for a chat about life on the chatroom interface it has that too.

The Reasons to Share this with You Now

I guess with the first five lessons for the 20 Step Affiliate Marketer Game-Changer I guessed you are eager to begin your journey. With the first five lessons, I wanted you to learn about strategies and creating a mindset, getting you ready to build your business.

That time has arrived in placing all you have learned into your business to get the ball rolling.

There is no time like the present to begin your journey and I wish you the best of luck. I want you to continue reading the  Mature Born Affiliate 20 Step Game-Changer Steps to learn even more. I will be covering keyword structure. Tools for analytic results and keyword implementation. That’s right even more online strategies for you to adapt to.

I want the best for your business in what you have learnt so far. By gaining momentum and completing the 20 Steps you will be ready to defeat your competition, become more content-wise and have that flair to write and deliver great content throughout your journey.

Remember it’s free to start and you lose nothing but time and I wouldn’t include you in my training program if I thought you had nowhere to go. Start your journey today, keep on board with my training and meet me on the other side. 

Don’t forget to move along to – Keyword Structure – 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer – Step 6  Alternatively, you will be introduced to keyword knowledge, moreover, you will learn simple information that covers what a keyword is and how to utilise them.

Keywords are important because they tell search engines about the content of your website’s page. “Keyword” is also a term that’s used to refer to the words and phrases that people enter into a search engine to find information that they’re looking for.

Breaking this down keywords tell a customer more about what your content is all about. They reflect the importance of the information on a website and how it gets ranked on Google.

By learning more about keyword structure your content writing will be noticed by search engines. Customers that search for your content will find it faster with the knowledge of keyword implementation.

Most web search engines are designed to search for words anywhere in a document—the title, the body, and so on.

WOW ! Here’s What You Have learned so Far!

Wealthy Affiliate - How to Make Money Online
  1.  You have gained your trust at this point! That’s Great – You have learned to trust to move on with this training.
  2. You know Wealthy Affiliate is a stand-alone platform made by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.
  3. You know your websites are for free over a 6-month timeline until you must have them transferred across to your own server or stay as a paid member.
  4. You know it’s free to start and you lose nothing other than time and effort. I wouldn’t include you in my training program if I thought you couldn’t succeed. 

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