Unemployed, Need to Make Money? Try Affiliate Marketing 2022

Are you unemployed, need to make money? There’s news floating around that affiliate marketing is making unemployment easier. It’s by no means a get rich quick ideology, however, is something to think about. 

Most people these days associate affiliate marketing as a failure route which is time-consuming. Yes, it can be a slow process and the success rates are low, however, it depends on the training you receive. 

The training is what I am going to assist you with in the form of an online training platform. The platform is dedicated to affiliate marketing and includes a free starters system that works.

Yes, you can do affiliate marketing as unemployed a career or part-time. That is what affiliate marketing is all about its time friendly. You can become a business owner and create an income to change your current situation.

The platform I use has free training in the form of an Online Entrepreneur Certification course. Preparing a website for niche market content takes four days. That means you will have a website up and running in less than a week. Do you need to make money? This is your best opportunity.

Content creation depends on the niche you choose, therefore try choosing something that you know a lot about. If you’re not sure do some online research as to what fits your knowledge and learning capability.

Discovering Passive Income for the Unemployed

There has never been a better moment to discover new passive income ideas than today. Your income has a significant impact on your lifestyle and degree of comfort. If your incoming income is not sufficient enough consider affiliate marketing.

By finding the right passive income strategy for you, you can develop passive income streams that allow you more flexibility and freedom. The freedom to afford the things you enjoy takes time, however, is achievable.

When you embark on the journey towards financial freedom time is the essence towards success. However, to attain financial independence, you must leverage your time and effort to establish multiple passive income streams that will continue to grow in the future. 

The passive income through blogging has allowed many to stop exchanging time for money. For example, as a travel blogger, you can set up a WordPress blog and share your experiences with your readers.

From Unemployment to Full-time Affiliate Business Owner

There are some basic rules you need to be aware of when starting your journey into affiliate marketing. You must decide on a platform, one that has in the order of training needs from basic to professional.

Depending on your learning capability, patience and online etiquette will determine success. After deciding on a platform, one that has all site build tools, hosting, training and a budding community you can begin to build your online business.

What’s Required of Me Being Unemployed

If you are unemployed, need to make money then you are almost there, therefore all you need to achieve is motivation. Affiliate marketing requires motivation and lots of it. You’re going to write content almost every day in the beginning.

What’s Required is faith, therefore write down ten things you have always wanted to do or own. Laminate that bucket list and hang it in front of your workstation. Your workstation is where you need to be to work on your online business.

I Am Unemployed Do I have to Pay for Anything?

Are You Unemployed, Need to Make Money?

There may be around $15 required to secure a domain, however for now I’m going to express that even this can be free. I started on a free domain and transferred it across to a purchased domain after two months.

Once I had created over 20 posts it was time to upgrade which made me feel proud as an official online business owner with my website and all the content I had created in two months.

My advice to you is to research some ideas for affiliate marketing and decide on your direction as listed below. I’ve listed some ideas for research to give you an idea of what’s available to you. 

  1. Video Editing.
  2. Find a Niche and Start a Blog.
  3. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Create a YouTube Channel.
  5. Start a Print on Demand Business.
  6. Start a Dropshipping Business.
  7. Sell Graphic Design Services.
  8. Write eBooks and Sell Them on Amazon Kindle.

Does Affiliate Marketing Mean I am Self-employed?

To some extent later on when you make sales you should become self-employed, however, do you need to make money? Have patience. There is no need to declare yourself as self-employed at the beginning.

You’re not going to be unemployed later on down the line which to me is a great experience. The whole meaning of training is just that, you’re going to be learning from an online training platform and community with everything you need.

If you’re serious about this let me introduce you to how I started. I had no idea of the internet. I asked myself, do you need to make money?  Everyone else I knew was doing it, hence I followed their path.

I had a free WordPress website which I built into a hotel booking system for hotel bookings in Thailand. I learned everything from researching and building up an acquaintance with my niche to begin getting bookings.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

Some time ago I entered into a free training program that allowed me to rebuild my affiliate skills. I used an online platform called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the world’s finest training platforms and communities.

It’s built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers by two Canadians called Kyle and Carson and has trained over 2.4 million members on its platform. The community and the training are what makes it work.

The free starter training is known as the Online Entrepreneur Certification which promises a website up and running within four days. I upgraded to premium after two weeks and normally I am not easily convinced.

I am now convinced that I had taken the correct path with all required website build tools via WordPress and the excellent training available. Yes, you must upgrade to receive the best training but the starter course, if you are unemployed, is the way to go.

How to Start My Free Website & Training Trial?

Click any link on this website and you will be directed to my very own referral page from where you sign up. I have added a fast-track route to trialling the free website platform below. If you’re unemployed this is a great place to start to try and build your website.

At the beginning of your training, you will be directed towards your profile from where you add your bio. This allows other members to learn about you with the bonus of telling us how much you would like to earn.

You’re going to make many friends in the community, the exact members that are going to help you succeed. That is what makes the platform so attractive there are always members that will help you. 

There is a live chat room for learning, asking questions and for general chit chat, therefore someone is always around. Other members will assist you if you come across a learning curb that needs to be addressed.

Are You Unemployed and Want to Succeed?

All I have mentioned is designed to motivate you if you are unemployed, moreover there is always a solution with the need to make money if you try. If you desire to give it your best, you will succeed.

I hear this every single day in the community to never give up as success is so often just around the corner. I know there are times when it’s tough, however, to have the mindset to never give in is essential to your future.

If you need to make money think of this as a means to release the best in you be it research, content writing or website design. All of these skills will be made available to you to drive your business forward.

I am Unemployed What can I Sell?

At wealthy Affiliate, there is a program called BootCamp, a program for promoting the platform and community. By creating a website from the training you can refer customers towards Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions. I have included a breakdown of them below.

This is a new opportunity for you to rise to achieve, grow great confidence and wealth. Being unemployed can be daunting at the best of times, however, there is always a way out such as this opportunity I am sharing with you today.

Think positive, become interested in the platform, create your website and build your business via the training designed to create success. No matter how long you have been unemployed this is a how-to achieve hands down.

There are thousands of new members so you’re not going to be alone, think big and grow wealthy by fast-tracking the training. Complete all training tasks and your website will be up and running in four days.

10 Ways to Make Money Quick

Your Bonus Training from Born Affiliate

Do You Need to Make Money?

Here at Born Affiliate, I believe in offering free training, known as the 20 Step Affiliate Game-Changer training. This training highlights the requirements to build on the knowledge you need to start an online affiliate business.

The training can be read through and completed in a few hours, bookmark it and follow the training to learn more about affiliate marketing. You can access the training below.

If you are unemployed focus on what could be rather than what is at the moment. There is always a way out if you take the chance to become familiar with an online system for training and one that works. Thanks for taking time out to learn from my post and good luck.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you would like more information or you would like to comment on this post.

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