A Successful College Dropout – Choose Affiliate Marketing

A successful college dropout is not some dumb kid that couldn’t cope in society or at home. Dropping out of college doesn’t mean you’re unable to cope or function at school, university or college.  There are many students globally dropping out of college to venture into making money online. You have heard all the reasons … Read more

Create an Affiliate Business & Win a Trip to Las Vegas 2022

Learn how to win a trip to Las Vegas by building a business. That’s right! The temptation alone is motivational enough to strive to win, moreover, the number of winners is not limited. It all depends on a few factors that are outlined in this post. The rules are simple and easy enough to comprehend, … Read more

The Residual Income Formula for Online Affiliate Success

Residual income is the amount of money left over after necessary expenses and costs have been paid for a period. This concept can be applied to both personal finances and corporate operations. A residual income formula is a means of formulating what you have left after deductions and how to utilise it. You may be … Read more

Technical Audit SEO for Your Online Affiliate Business 2022

A technical audit SEO is how to position your website into an established position on the web. Moreover, it allows you to maintain and create content that ranks higher in Google. Creating an audit of your current On-Page SEO is essential, however, takes time to learn. Your website should have a site content structure to … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate Review for Online Business Success

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Review for online business success from where you are going to be taken all the way around the program from start to finish. The information I relay here coincides with the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game Changer training on this website. It just so happens I am a lasting member of … Read more

20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer – How It Works!

Do You Need to Make Money?

The 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer is a combined effort via an in-depth research analysis and content delivery strategy for website construction and affiliate marketing requirements to succeed. These days website content and its origins for perfection are what drive new online ideas into success. You must have great content to be accepted on affiliate … Read more

Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs Step 1

Welcome to The Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs – Step One of the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer. Almost all online marketers strive to become an entrepreneur, someone that can drive traffic into an online business to make large amounts of money. I have placed this training post as step one to think more about what … Read more

Learn About Algorithmic Thinking Psychology – Step 2

The algorithmic thinking psychology method combines all activities we incorporate online today as we depend on a set of procedures. These procedures manoeuvre us with our approach online as we develop as true online marketers. Anyone that has been to university and studied mathematical equations will tell you that almost all definitions of success can … Read more

The Best Website Creation Site Online – Step 3

Searching for the best website creation site these days can be tedious, however, read along and I will guide you towards a decision. If you want to create a website, the two most popular options are to use WordPress or one of the many website builders. A common mistake that confuses newbies these days is … Read more

Strategic Affiliate Marketing Awareness for Success – Step 4

Strategic affiliate marketing awareness for success certainly provides the potential to drive sales and generate significant revenue. More than that, affiliate marketing is a highly cost-effective lead generation tactic where you pay solely for performance. It all starts by learning affiliate marketing strategies that work. Affiliate Marketing has changed significantly in the past few years … Read more

How to Focus on You – The 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer

How to Focus on You – The 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer – allows you to concentrate on what you have learnt so far in this training. It’s time to take a break and think about the first four lessons that I have taught you about online affiliate marketing strategies that work. This lesson is … Read more

Wealthy Affiliate – 20 Step Game Changer – Step 5

Wealthy Affiliate is a stand-alone platform made by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers but what can it teach us? Created and launched over 15 years ago by Kyle and Carson from Canada the answer is as much as you have time for. The platform itself has hundreds if not thousands of lessons to guide you … Read more

Keyword Structure – Affiliate Marketing Game-changer – Step 6

First Up ( What is a keyword) Keywords by Stephen Peter Jones Keyword structure and choosing content is relatively easy, however, matching up content with keyword optimisation can be hard work. Search engines search for relative keywords within the content to match them up to search queries. No one understands the full algorithms and truth … Read more

Work At Home Business Ideas – 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer – Step 7

The Work at home initiative idea has grown somewhat during Covid-19, days.  Perhaps almost two years ago the idea wasn’t looked upon as a viable strategy for businesses or employees to take on, moreover, would the workload be completed? The truth is to make a person work from home more successful the workload must be … Read more

Making it All Work Online – Step 8

Making it all work – Affiliate Marketing Strategy – Game Changer 8 coincides with the reasons and steps I have taught you so far. By making it important more than any negatives. Will it work, when and how? The truth is when the time is right it will happen and fast. It takes a huge … Read more

Niche Marketing Definition – Affiliate Game-Changer – Step 9

Understanding more about the niche marketing definition you must think about an advertising strategy that focuses on a unique target market. Instead of marketing to everyone who could benefit from a product or service, this strategy focuses exclusively on one group. When you break down your niche it focuses on one group of potential buyers. … Read more

Outsource Websites – Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer – Step 10

Learning how to outsource websites to create more time for yourself costs money, moreover, it takes away the fun. However, it might sound negative but there are hidden bonuses. Website creation is demanding, however, fun and takes a whole lot of time, therefore, for some, it’s a bonus if you love learning.  Learning website design … Read more

You Never Would Have Made it – Only 10 More Steps to Go!

Congratulations! Excellent you made it past step 10 to follow the lessons through to step 20. You never would have made it this far, however, I feel I taught you well. Now it’s time to relax and learn how to make money from your online business. Whether you sell a physical product or have decided … Read more

Affiliate Marketing Growth – Game Changer Step 11

You are probably wondering where to start with your affiliate marketing growth as a successful online business. Start on the right foot and begin your journey with ease. Affiliate Marketing Growth – Game Changer Step 11 will explain how to make things easier to learn faster. There are a million different page builders out there, … Read more

Web Content Source & (SEO) – 20 Step Game-Changer Step – 12

Welcome to the Web Content Source for information (SEO) – 20 Step Game-Changer Step – 12 from where you will learn about content writing and where to find information. Searching for ideas as a web content source for information will never be easier after reading this post. Amazon has millions of affiliate marketers advertising their … Read more

Affiliate Success – 20 Step Affiliate Game Changer – Step 13

Affiliate success depends on the merchant programs you choose, the amount of work you place on marketing and how much you develop professionally over time. Everyone who puts effort into affiliate marketing is hoping to achieve at least some level of success. But how exactly should you measure success in affiliate marketing? Yes, it’s within … Read more

Website Automation – 20 Step Affiliate Game Changer -Step 15

Website automation is extremely popular in the affiliate marketing world where websites are designed to run sales around the clock. A good example of automation is autoresponders that send out automated emails to people in your email list. Smart marketers use autoresponders to create a sequence of emails sent automatically to users based on certain … Read more

AIO/SEO – The 20 Step Game-Changer -Step 16

The SEO/AIO plugin that delivers a powerful analysis of your website’s SEO has been incorporated as a plugin into WordPress. It’s been around a while now so learn how this powerful SEO analysis tool is winning the race for entrepreneurs and webmasters around the world. The SEO plugin now delivers results as the SEO/AIO plugin … Read more

The Untold Secrets – 20 Step Affiliate Game-Changer – Step 17

Welcome to the untold secrets with Born Affiliate where you will learn the importance of understanding what affiliate marketing can do for you. I have covered pretty much everything important for you to learn and practice to build your website into a money-making fully automated online business. So, what are the untold secrets behind the … Read more