Keyword Structure – Affiliate Marketing Game-changer – Step 6

First Up ( What is a keyword)

Keywords by Stephen Peter Jones

Keyword structure and choosing content is relatively easy, however, matching up content with keyword optimisation can be hard work. Search engines search for relative keywords within the content to match them up to search queries. No one understands the full algorithms and truth behind keywords.

Understanding a little makes posts readable and more worthy of success for the audience to learn from. It makes content more reachable for online learners to latch on to. Nothing is wrong with this it’s how the internet works, and search engines deliver content to their audience for accuracy, something that t is readable and accountable to its meaning.

Where Should Keywords Go?

It’s said that keywords should be within your meta tag, H1 & H2 tags your headings and within your content to match up with search results. it should be within your post, article, or link to achieve maximum results. Also, your image tags should have your keywords implemented within them.

Don’t overuse your keywords keep them at a low rate, moreover, strategically place them within your content to make it less obvious. Search engines place keywords along with content seriously so if you are writing about books don’t scatter keywords about trees unless both are attached to your niche and fall into the ingredients that make your content flow.

Introducing Jaaxy – Making Keyword Research Easier

Jaaxy is a stand-alone tool that improves keyword implementation and helps you take control of your keyword research in seconds. You can have access to Jaaxy for free by signing up for the Wealthy Affiliates Premium Program. 

If you join Wealthy Affiliate as a paid member you can also include Jaaxy into your affiliate programs to earn a commission for each sale. It’s a great tool created for affiliate markets by affiliate marketers. 

Finding a Niche Market to Follow!

keyword marketing understood

Some might say this is the hard part of finding a niche market. Something to write about within your niche. The beauty about Search Engine Optimisation is that you can evolve slowly by using keywords to sell a product such as kettles for boiling water or sheets to line your bed. All have a reason and words count to sell.

It’s all about finding the niche words to fit the product. Be it beautiful silk linen to relax on for a night’s sleep or an advanced boiling mechanism to create fresh hot water to make your tea. I’m sure you get my point! (Quality sells All)

In retrospect, this website creates on target well-orchestrated keywords and well-structured posts that work far faster than a blog that has no keyword structure or has been made for fun.

What Makes Keyword Structure Work?

Remember to understand the goal of SEO and never feel disconnected from keyword implementation to accomplish. The goal is to climb the ranks on search engines to have your website ranked and read by millions of people. (Nothing More or less)

This works with search engine algorithms that make a search engine work for us. Understanding algorithms is a must, however, try not to let it take over your time moreover work alongside it to create more advanced content that reads and educates.

Let’s break this down. Keywords are words or phrases that are used to match what people are searching for. Selecting high quality and relevant keywords for your advertising campaign can help you reach customers faster.

You might be selling a product next week that hasn’t been launched yet hence your keywords should highlight this. For example. A battery-powered motorbike for trips to work could be yours depending on next week’s orders.

One could be yours soon. Save money, be more environmentally friendly and arrive to work on time.

Relative to the Course (Keyword Implementation)

No matter how relative the cause always be accurate, informative, and interesting with information that sells. Build bridges with barriers and keep your dog safe with a full lockable gate for security. (An Example)

Imagine a gate that locks itself after three seconds and secures the dog? Your work is done. In context, you could sell this as a timeless security gate for dogs. ( it’s all About Selling)

Been accurate does not always mean success, however, it does mean maybe on the right track. From a selling point of view, you need to explore a more accurate market of knowledgeable information for knowing what a product does and how it sells.

Nothing sells if it’s not found online hence keywords mean a lot to succeed. Collate your product information and create a selling point. Create your keywords and launch your campaign.

How to Learn keyword Structure

How Many keywords do I need?

Targeting about 5 keywords (each with a monthly search volume of 100+) to start with is recommended for most small businesses. For some businesses, that might not seem a lot, but targeting 5 keywords doesn’t mean that your website will only rank for 5 keywords and get traffic from 5 keywords.

This subsequently allows you to hone in on one project for a few keywords per product. let’s say you are working for JD Wetherspoons, and you are employed to market a morning menu. You’re better off marketing the whole menu other than breaking it down into food categories.

Something like this (The Great New All day Breakfast feast) with a beer for £7.99 – It’s available Every Weekend.  imagine that breakfast every weekend at JD Wetherspoons to feed the day.

Keywords or phrases tend to work most effectively. (Great, Breakfast Feast) three keywords drove into a sale of a new menu that sells all-day show that successful marketing if done right.

Experimentation of keywords becomes the norm when you become a natural content writer. In the beginning, it’s tough to find success, however, it will come towards you as you learn. You only really need a couple of keywords in a product sale to sell online so don’t overuse them.

When Does Success Arrive?

Keeping SEO marketing techniques close to hand will help you deliver increased internet traffic as your content delivery accumulates. Do not expect to become successful straight away moreover learn each time you post and deliver better each time you post.

You will be more equipped to compete after around 25-30 posts on your website. These can be posts, articles or reviews about various products you choose to promote. Research your topic well and strive to dominate your niche with authority and the rest will follow.

Learning Keyword Tools (The Natural Instinct)

Learning Keyword Knowledge

Success with keywords comes with online research. Finding the best research tools that will assist you is easy. Now you are familiar with Wealthy Affiliate from lesson five of the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer you would have come across a game player platform called Jaxxy.

It’s a keyword search tool that works well to optimise and create keywords or (Phrases) into your content. If You haven’t come across it yet I will be covering it in step 7 of the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer Strategy.

Jaaxy was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. It is a tool you just can’t ignore. It provides you with live reports for available rich keywords and available website domains.

There is a lot to learn from this tool that increases your chances, toward success to develop into a content and internet business owner that can sell online.

The Real Meaning to Succeed with Online Keyword Implementation

Moving forward you are also looking at the Quoted Search Results (QSR) Quality Search Results. This is the number of competing websites for the same keyword. These are keywords ranked in Google for the same keyword. You will also be looking at that traffic.

Create a passion for your products and research them well. If your narrowing down your unique content be sure you create keyword-rich content and not overused content or keywords that never work for sales.

Remember to keep away from repetitive online research and content implementation. Keep your content fresh and updated daily.

Create new, interesting content such as posts or articles and keep them updated and healthy to have customers return each day.

Learn about Evergreen keywords. Evergreen affiliate content has an influence on what we sell online over a time basis. It equates to what is suitable to review all year round. It does not relate to a Christmas gift that only gathers interest around October, November, or December.

Remember to think about the eternal sale (lifelog Sale) always selling from a monetised and automated website that sells all year round. If your niche is seasonal GREAT.

Think about how you can reduce offers and sell worldwide with festivities and products at a reduced cost. Remember not all people celebrate the same festivals so there is a worldwide market for products of all festivities if you explore.

Creating Online Savings with keywords for Success

Evergreen affiliate content ideas are not common and less thought about for affiliates now. Here is an example that may work. The energy companies throw an advert out that you can save over £100 on your energy bill a year with efficient light bulbs that sell quick.

A Light bulb lasts a long time but there are a lot of households that may listen and buy whatever time of year it is. This is an evergreen product that would last a long time as far as sales.

Your keywords Would be! Energy Lightbulbs that Save Money (Energy Lightbulbs Money Save)

Affiliate Marketing keywords.

Authoritative Approach in Keyword Marketing

Knowing your niche is like learning a new game from where you learn where and when something might sell, how it will sell and why it sold. With the use of customer demographics and marketing strategies, you are sure to become successful at some point if you persist.

Google Analytics helps you know where your traffic is coming from!

The key is to never stop creating content until you are ready to take a break. For me, I never stopped writing I have been writing for the last 365 days and have been working online for over 20 years on and off. (I guess you can say I know the direction)

It can be a tedious battle; however, learning is fun especially with content writing from where it becomes a normal daily routine. Think about this: When you enjoy writing and feel confident in your keyword structure it becomes far more fun and fun is what it’s all about.

For me, it’s almost a relaxing energy and once I start, I can’t stop. This tells me I am loving my online work and it’s almost like relaxing energy that settles me down to complete a post.

I have become confident and aware of the need to succeed. To become authoritative in keyword implementation I must use online techniques and keyword tools. Some are great and some useless, but all are there to learn from.

If you show authority in your writing and reflect the know-how with your work you will win.  It’s an easy battle to earn money online. Showing your knowledge is a great thing, moreover, learning is even more important as we grow stronger and more equipped to challenge online.

Here’s What  You have learned so Far!

How to Write Keywords
  1. Keyword structure and choosing content is relatively easy, especially when you love your niche.
  2.  You Know keywords should be within your meta tags, H1 & H2 tags in your headings and within your content to match up with search results.
  3.  You know about your quoted Search Results (QSR) Quality Search Results. This is the number of competing websites for the same keyword.
  4. You Know evergreen affiliate content has an influence on what we sell online over a time basis. It equates to what is suitable to review all year round.
  5. You know when you enjoy writing and feel confident in your keyword structure it becomes far more fun and easier overall. 

Well Done, Move on to Step 7

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