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Setting up a static page for WordPress has never been easier with all the tools in the dashboard to assist you with the process. The reason why people choose a static page for WP is to talk about their business and to guide the audience to various reviews for products and blogs. Having a “homepage” that simply contains your recent blog posts, will lead new visitors to that latest blog post every time.

Without a static page for WP, you are missing out that you have products and reviews for a sale. By default, WordPress uses the first option by showing your most recent posts on the front page. … It can also make the site feel less like a blog and more like a full-featured website for products.

If you want to reorder your posts you can change dates to place them in the correct order for customer viewing. A static page for WP should have a clear value statement. In one or two sentences. You should also add an eye-catching call to action. What is the one thing you want people to do?

You Can review a none static page here which has been created for the latest posts first even though I created a training course I was able to change the dates and have the training run from 10-20 lessons with the latest last.

People these days want to know about your experience and what you have achieved as a webmaster or entrepreneur. By leaving a few lines about your personal preferences is sure to create an atmosphere of trust.

A good testimonial will describe from a customer or employee how well the company acts as a business and what it means to the customer and employee. This gives new customers the motivation to go ahead and trial the business or product. Place your best content on the static homepage and have customers eager to learn more.

Create your posts under various categories for easy navigation to have customers easily search for what they are looking for. Blog Posts are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order with the most recent post at the top of the page. By default, your home page is your blog post page and this is where you’ll see your new posts published.

Steps to Set a Custom WordPress Homepage

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and search for customising then once the Customizer opens, click on “Homepage Settings” to open the panel. Then, select, under “Your homepage displays,” the words “A static page. Select the page you want to be your new homepage on the dropdown labelled “Homepage.”.

By giving people something extra on a static page gives them a choice to purchase or not. Keeping your page organised with easy navigation allows customers to find the best information for a sale. 

Remember to upgrade a static page as much as you can with updated information such as products, events or perhaps a new line of products on the horizon that you have coming soon. Take into account comments and what people would like to purchase for future sales and read about their idea for future reference.

Focus customers eyes on one thing for the laws of attraction and work on what you think customers will love to have. Home in on the best products and sell to your customers with great content and review content.

Did you know these days affiliate marketing can be quite competitive and webmasters forget to have fun? It’s common to throw view lines of fun into your content to put a smile on the customer’s face for them to gain trust. Make your website from A static page searchable for content to be found and add a little fun.

A Static Page for Mobile Phones

Make a static page stand out with a great navigational process for customers to find the best information for sales. This should have all devices in mind for navigation such as Ipads, Mobile phones and desktops. I use generator Press for my websites for the ease of reading via mobile phones and website speed, keeping it simple.

If need be work backwards with your mobile phone always checking pages and posts, moreover you need to have a static page that loads quickly meaning less time for customers to decide to leave your website or not on a mobile phone.

When you have mastered the mobile phone load up speeds make sure you update regularly to see if your content fits the mobile phone screen and that there is no unreadable content throughout a static page you have implemented.

WordPress is a formidable application framework to build a simple static page for a website on a platform so think about this for the future. With a Generator Press theme and a few plugins, you can have a website up and running in less than a week.

Wealthy Affiliate Basic & Professional Training for a New Business Website

When I mention as little as a week to have your website up and running I mean with the best affiliate marketing training out there designed to get your website running within 4 days.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers Online Entrepreneur Certification training for beginners and helps you become a money-making affiliate after you have entered your niche content and keywords into your content.

It teaches about launching a static page be it a homepage or one of your favourite product pages your want customers to view first. You can take the training for free and decide later if you want to upgrade to premium or premium plus both have a huge amount of training.

With all the free training in mind Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to get the training done to achieve the best results. I have been a member for almost 2.5 years and never looked back. You can trial the platform for free below.

What Exactly is a Dynamic Website?

With a Dynamic page, You can pull up information about your account or past orders. The site generates a unique experience for you based on your past actions and remembers which customer you are.

Dynamic website functionality enables users to interact and store information in an organized way. They display content based on the user’s needs and what the customer expects from their experience on your website. Perhaps they have spent a large amount of time on one product page or pressed a few links to the same product.

Dynamic Website Vs Static Page Websites

Below, I break down the differences between static and dynamic websites and share useful insights on when to choose one or the other for your latest project. If you have multiple uses that work on one website dynamic websites allows numerous amounts for changes allowed by team members. Static websites take less time to build and deploy than dynamic websites due to the need for less coding.

With a Static page, you can duplicate the basic code of your static web pages to keep elements consistent while making slight changes to differentiate. It is a known fact that a static page is known to be more secure than a dynamic due to the complexity of a dynamic website or page

With the use of a few plugins and fewer images, a static page for a website Is easier for search engines to rank because they usually load faster. Taking into account the use of content and images or even plugins the static websites are better for search engines to find.

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Building a static page website is easier when it comes to the software needed to build it. This is the reason I choose Wealthy Affiliate have all the training and tools needed to launch each of my websites. A static page website also costs less to build from scratch as it has fewer dimensions to its structure.

You can change the layout and structure of your website easier with a static page for a website and save time on website construction. It’s also easier to restore a static website after a crash or DDoS attack by redeploying the codebase.

Once a static website gets published, it stays the same and doesn’t reflect changes in user actions. If you want to see something different, you must manually edit the HTML source code on every page that’s part of the website.

A Static Page & What You Can Add

It might include headlines, images, or text blurbs that encourage your audience to further connect with your site. The default is to place your blog on the front page. This is where customers will find juicy information about you and your products. This is what customers require the most for a faster more reliable source of information at speed.

Don’t add too many images to a static page or website it slows down the internet experience and customers may leave before they have read. Not too long ago, I transformed a website at Burn Affiliate for online training. I took all the featured images out giving customers more time to read the written content and transferred it over to Generator Press.

I know this worked due to the referrals I managed to get afterwards which is something I want you to think about. Keep it simple and each time your build a website t will become easier each time you progress forward. The easiest part of achieving is keeping it all simple until you have the knowledge to test new things out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and join me with the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer training here at Born Affiliate. Here’s how it works.

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