How to Compete with Hackers & Keep WordPress Safe Online!

Someone told me how to make a website, however, knowone told me we have to compete with hackers to continue maintaining it.

My website will never be hacked it is served on AWS or GoDaddy so it’s safe! It’s like the realms of invincibility. Nothing is safe unless tested and on many occasions, until tested it’s breakable.

No matter how strong your password Brutus Password Cracker can hack you in seconds if utilised by professionals. That’s just one piece of software out there that can create an open door for hacking.

Learning all about your existing actions or feedback implemented by programmers is a must. If you have simple issues the job of an upgrade script issue is to fix the actions to handle the changes but does this leave you vulnerable?

The answer is no, by upgrading your script will leave you less vulnerable to hackers trying to access your domain and website.

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What are the Reasons for Getting Hacked on WordPress?

Stolen passwords are one of the simplest and most common causes of data breaches. Far too many people rely on predictable passwords. WordPress is targeted due to its popularity online and the fact that many WordPress websites are successful.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. It powers more websites than any other software.

Reasons for Getting Hacked. Hackers are known to regularly cite these reasons to explain their behaviour.

  • Extortion
  • Bragging Expertise
  • Blackmail for Money
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Vandalism
  • Sabotage
  • Theft For Financial Gain
  • Challenge
  • Boredom
  • Revenge
  • Curiosity
  • Secured Content Breach

By knowing what these reasons are, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to protect your website to compete with hackers.

  • Am I using insecure web hosting?
  • Not using two-factor authentication.
  • Not protecting the wp-admin directory.
  • Having bad or weak password policies.
  • Not using an SSL certificate.

Invicti is a web application security scanner to find SQL Injection, XSS, and vulnerabilities in web applications or services automatically.

How to Compete with Hackers

Here are some more changes to protect yourself.

  • Change And Create Strong Passwords.
  • Restore the Website’s Previous Version.
  • Update Plugins And Themes.
  • Clean Out Your Sitemap.
  • Track User Activity On Your Site.
  • Reinstall Plugins And Themes.
  • Clean Out Your Website Database.
  • Hire A Professional.

It’s so prevalent that estimates show 98% of WordPress vulnerabilities to be related to plugins. One of the best solutions is to keep your plugins updated before a security threat happens.

Decide on a safe & Secure Website Package

Learning how to compete with hackers can be overcome easily. I chose AWS which comes with my website hosting package. AWS is the most common for applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.

Uk Host 4 U is also a fast WordPress Hosting platform designed from the ground up, moreover, its affordable subscription packages are available for all types of WP websites.

They run solutions from their cloud to run fast secured WordPress sites at any scale. Their solutions include auto backups, staging environment & site cloning features!

They have designed all of their WordPress packages with a focus towards high performance. They feature-rich hosting environments and offer an additional speed boost with LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress.

Typically with secured WordPress hosting, you will also enjoy things like automatic updates for your themes and plugins.

What Are the Signs Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked?

Your URL may direct you to a different page or your website performance has dropped significantly.

Don’t necessarily think that you have to compete with hackers for poor performance as it may be Google’s algorithms affecting traffic.

If your URL points to a different website contact your service provider immediately.

If you’re concerned about minimal traffic take a look at Neil Patel’s Algorithm Cheat Sheet and improve the situation in a few easy steps.

You may notice new ads and popups which weren’t there before which could mean you need to compete with hackers to remove them. Once again contact your service provider to secure your website immediately.

Make sure your passwords are strong enough if you use ad software and change passwords on your website admin side.

Other signs include experiencing a change in files or even having admin rights removed, therefore change your passwords with a reputable password creator.

Antivirus Software

Always consider implementing a firewall to work behind. Most new computers come with internal software, moreover, you can download security updates when asked.

I use Wealthy Affiliate to host my websites being one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms for hosting WordPress websites in the world. This in terms is where I build, host and enter into training to create websites.

Implement antivirus software to keep your computer safe from Phishing attacks such as Norton Antivirus or McAfee AntiVirus Plus.

Phishing messages aim to trick the user into revealing important data—often a username and password, therefore, the attacker can use it to breach a system or account. This is common on the corporate landscape so remain cautious before opening emails.

Anything that isn’t an internal email is a risk so remain cautious to know what a phishing scam looks like. Don’t give your information to an unsecured site.

Phishing emails typically use generic salutations such as “Dear valued member,” “Dear account holder,” or “Dear customer.” Typically a safer email will use your name.

If you run a corporate or personal website WordPress website take note of everything I have mentioned to stay safe online.

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