How to Automate a Website to Make Money Around the Clock

Learning how to automate a website comes with a lot of patience and expertise and there is a lot to learn before it is possible. To you, automatic monthly income might mean: “how do I quit my job and make money from the Internet?”

Figuring out the automation dream means learning how to put your whole business together to run automatically. That’s right it’s possible to have your business run around the clock to make money.

It also depends on your definition of automated. What does automatic monthly income mean to you? To me, it means that $? is deposited at the end of every month into my bank account and I didn’t have to lift a finger to do it. Of at least I was working for myself.

There is a whole bunch of mental and psychological things going on in the background. This means to automate a website even though I never lifted a finger psychologically speaking I need to be switched on.

Web originators who need to make floods of automated revenue are in a decent circumstance at this time. Most organizations these days either have solid online habitations or are totally virtual.

As mentioned in my Five Offer Funnel review I mentioned how it delivers the whole business in auto mode. That’s right everything is automated from emails to digital product download.

Does Having Little to Start with Sound like a Paradox?

The question you have to ask yourself is: Are customers aware you have little money at the start of your online business creation? I know, it sounds like a paradox but it’s not. 

This is why your whole automated system has to be created around your authority, moreover, a niche others love. Your authority is your introduction about yourself, the product and what you believe in to fulfil for the customer.

If you go down the affiliate marketing route, are you going to generate sales that bring you home that magnitude of profit? You have to build and automate a website to generate an income you can live on.

Where Do I Begin to Automate a Website?

Choose the niche (with high demand and low competition) and the product you want to sell. Your decision should be based on market analysis and research. Research your niche until you’re confident you can sell it.

You don’t even need a domain name at this point while researching and making notes. It’s always better to make a business plan, moreover, calculate what you want to sell, write about and launch.

Create an awareness, excitement and a well-balanced idea of how you are going to create all of these. You could think about a campaign launch counter at the top of your website to create awareness for your future sales.

Now you have a niche you’ll require a platform to create and automate a website on. There are thousands of training platforms on the web that are affordable and have all the tools and training to succeed.

These days particularly students study hard to reach some kind of online standard, therefore studying about creating an online business is natural. However, there are a couple of things you need to know.

  • it must be something you are really good at and passionate about;
  • it should have a market demand and be profitable.

What Can My Niche Market Include?

Make sure your website is attractive and your content is eligible and useful for visitors. You can use affiliate marketing, programmatic advertising or you can sell digital training for download.

You must have heard of people who are making a lot of money or even earning their living by just blogging.

Another thing to think about is starting a blog that can be monetised for a growing revenue to uphold your future online. This is a good starting method for beginners although takes around 6 months before a passive income is made.

Receiving the Best Training to Make it Work

While the internet makes doing business faster and easier in countless ways, these actions can be time consuming and prone to errors. This is the main reason you need to think about receiving the best training on the best platform.

I use a platform that costs around $49 a month that includes countless webinars, ongoing training, training on how to automate a website and lot’s more. There is nothing you can’t achieve on the platform I utilise.

Think of all the clicking and typing you do at your desk every day involving websites and web-based applications. All these actions can be automated with web automation. If you are able to except some hours training then I will direct you.

How Can I Automate a Website to Make Sales?

All your email autoresponders can function to send emails out at different times in your campaigns. Let’s say you have three products a free opt-in eBook, a micro offer perhaps a training course and a core offer which could be a more in-depth training course for seasonal recipes.

Digital marketing is the easiest to automate and monetise due to the ease of sending the product to the customer. The customer can be sent to a simple download page upon purchase to download the product.

All of these three products can be automated to sell one after another with simple sales welcome pages in between each offer to a product one after another. You can choose to have these emails go out alternatively one after another whatever time sequence you want.

Making money is when you invest time and effort to create an item, system, or process which you or your customers need. As a business owner, you should focus on the latter.

By creating systems that work for you, you’ll be able to run your business more efficiently and get time back that you can use to earn more money or focus on other activities.

Connect and Automate a Website to Social Media

Remember: Your website is your business’s online home. Write content on your website, and use it on the other channels—not the other way around. If you post to social media you can automatically send reviews and posts from your website.

Your social media sharing is made easy by simple share buttons at the bottom of your website comments and makes it far easier than copying and pasting a post into the social media interface.

Investing Your Time to Save in the Future

Solo Build It!

Investing your time and money into something which saves you time, later on, is usually a good investment, but do the calculations—investing four hours now could save you around 80 hours a month. That is what automation and monetisation are all about.

If you’re like me and have spent many hours in front of the computer figuring out the best methods to learn about then automation and monetisation. They are the way forward and you should understand this post clearly.

Making processes work with less effort is freeing up your time and allowing you to concentrate on making money on other projects. Time management is a process we all should learn.

Try investing your time searching for a platform that has all the training such as Solo Built It or Wealthy Affiliate, the two leaders in affiliate marketing for all levels of learning. 

You will spend quite a few hours learning but once you learn how to automate a website and have it run around the clock while monetising your income the training can be used for many other projects in the future.

Working Out Who will Benefit from Your Product

Work out who will benefit from your useful information and direct everything to these exact people. Make your customer want more with great information for free and then think about your niche product for sales.

Commit to serving and really caring for your customer and have them enter into perhaps an automated funnel (Five Offer Funnel) that will automate the workload to sell online to your customers.

In my case customers benefit to find the best training, for the best price and for the chosen projects at hand. If you already have a niche fantastic let me show you where to find the best platform with the best training.

How do I Automate a Website to a Sales Page?

Create or find a product and host it for sale on one of these sites with a built-in payment system. Paypal and Stripe are two payment systems often built into these product-hosting sites.

Make sure you make your free authoritative content relevant and able to teach the customer about your main product that comes at a cost. Keep prices competitive and easy to purchase with just a few clicks.

If you want to automate a website with the chance to monetise it make sure you do it for the correct reason. This process will free up time to allow you to implement more projects for you to make even more passive income.

If you’re still wondering about saving time please view my Five Offer Funnel post that breaks down an automated and monetised system that works with a diagram to show you how it all works.

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