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Helping the unemployed has always been something that interests me taking into account the economy right now. Are you unemployed and need a means of owning a business and earning from your own hard work.

There is nothing better than working for yourself, removing the laws of being monitored by your boss all day. I was once unemployed for a long time until I came across affiliate marketing.

At the start when learning about affiliate marketing, I simply couldn’t find a job that suited me. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t broke at the time, however, I knew that I had an option. Here’s a list of reasons for being unemployed.

  1. Lack of In-Demand Skills.
  2. Lack of Jobs.
  3. Lack of Access & Opportunity.
  4. Lack of employability.
  5. Lack of hope.

Some time ago way back in 2002 I built and managed a website for booking hotels in Thailand and also a silver jewellery online store. I owned an Education forum and a travel forum.

I still remember those times and I did it without any money. Sure I had help from my brother a web designer, however, had to learn much of the system for building and managing websites myself.

Due to a health issue, I eventually ceased my online activity and focused on getting well. Helping the unemployed is where I am at today. I want you to think big and grow rich. This takes time, however, is reachable if you want to explore.

Exploring Online Opportunities

Blogging is one of the best online jobs for the unemployed who want to work from home. All you need is a will to learn, a computer, a phone and a mindset to think and act quickly with the pace of the internet.

The internet evolves at an alarming pace and I have witnessed that from 2004 when I was working online up until today in 2022. I have seen the internet change at an alarming rate, however, there are more opportunities now than ever.

Blogging has grown into a huge reason why the unemployed are now finding ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing is now favoured by millions. This might sound like a reason to drop the idea, however, the market is huge with businesses that want you to promote their products

If you’re unemployed and worried about online expenses to cover a business start-up don’t worry, moreover think about ways to get around this. There are thousands of training platforms out there that offer free training and tools.

Long-term unemployment can erode self-esteem, self-respect and self-worth. The stress of unemployment spills over into other areas of life. Think about the opportunity to reach entrepreneurship and what it means to you and your business working for yourself.

Retrain the Brain Towards Success

Take on board the opportunity to retrain the brain and believe in yourself that one day you can work an online business for yourself. Write down ten things you can add to your bucket list that you can aim for.

A new car, a new house or a trip to Thailand for a month. Don’t hold back write down the things that you would love to do and these are what you will aim for. I enjoy helping the unemployed that are motivated by dreams, moreover, I like to see success come from poor situations.

I am not saying you have reached poverty at all, however, I’m sure you get my drift. Watching success come out of nowhere motivates me more than anything. Let me explain that it’s 100% possible to succeed online. I have five websites and know how to find free or low-cost training and tools to achieve.

Where to Start to Build an Online Business

With your bucket list I asked you to write down earlier there should be some reason you chose the ones you did. These more than likely revolve about doing the things you love. What do you love to do? know a lot about and what do you have a passion for?

You’re going to teach others about your expertise or hobby and build your blog or website around a niche. To Identify your niche, you can begin by selecting the general market. Focus on an area where you are knowledgeable and then identify subtopics within that.

Subtopics are things you know about that revolve around your main niche, moreover they give you more of a broader focus on what you can write about. It’s ok to have a main niche with lots of little ideas floating around it.

How can I earn Money Online?

These days blogs are more situated towards providing a passive income and are written by those that have an interest in their chosen niche to sell online as a service or product. You can implement affiliate links to get paid by businesses that want you to promote for them.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to get referrals and close deals by receiving signups or purchases between your advertising pages from where you received the referral to the company you’re affiliated with. Your advertising content could be anything taken from your niche.

Helping the unemployed for me means I want to throw light over something for you to find motivation and trust in me. I want you to understand it’s hard work at the beginning, however, with training it is possible.

Where can I find Training for Free

My bet is that you have read thousands of getting rich schemes previous to reading this post. It’s all over the internet where you sign up for something and later asked for a fee to sign up. 

I don’t think it’s fair asking someone to watch a webinar or video about an idea to make money online and then ask you for a sign-up fee which is way too high. These are all over the web and can only get worse so trust me in what I am explaining today.

I want you to think about taking a week’s course to get a website or blog up and running within a week. That’s what I did, however even though the website was free with hosting, domain name and security I had to make a decision about if I wanted to continue training or not after a week.

The website is on the free trial with a domain name, however, you can only build your business for 6 months to allow you time to make a decision. That’s right you get six months to decide and make your business work. You can upgrade at any time to receive all the benefits.

Finding the Ideal Platform to Build Your Business

I was so sure I had reached the right platform that I thought about it for a week and decided to upgrade for £37 a month for around $49. Bearing in mind that get’s you everything you need to build your online business with as much training as you can deal with.

Like I mentioned this is not going to make you rich in a week, moreover, it takes a lot of hard work, however, it gets you your own online business. If you think $49 is a lot to start a business ($12 a week) there is nowhere on the web better than this offer.

I am good at helping the unemployed passing over details of the most affordable platform to build an online business for a little over $12 a week. Yes, the training and community (chat room) is free for a week and you do have to upgrade to get a whole lot more training but it’s affordable.

After a few months is quite possible to earn far more than the platform training costs hence your business is paid for to run. That’s what makes it so perfect it pays for itself. 

You can even promote the platform (Wealthy Affiliate) and earn a great commission, moreover, it is one of the highest paying referral programs on the web. Your commissions come rolling in and you even get a free training program to learn how it’s done.

How Soon Can I Start and What Must I Do Next?

This is the important part and revolves around you finding a niche you love, moreover it’s something you can sell or promote online. Your content on your website or blog must be authoritative. 

You must be able to write a whole lot about your niche and its subtopics. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and think of a niche and do some searches on Google to see who else is promoting and selling. 

If your niche is too broad narrow it down to a less obvious niche, therefore directing your audience into a more direct point of sale. If you are thinking about selling outdoor camping Gear refine it down to outdoor camping gear for mountainous terrains. 

I think you get my point by narrowing down your niche to make sales online. If you are thinking about affiliate marketing there are thousands of outdoor camping gear programs you could choose, however, this is just an example.

Is it Harder than It Sounds?

Being unemployed isn’t nice especially when it unexpected, moreover it can make the brain idle. It’s far better to climb on board and give it a try. There is always time even if you get a new job to work on your online business. At some point, you’re going to be working for yourself so don’t worry.

Like everything, it can be overwhelming at the start as there is a lot to learn, however, the free training I offer you today will see you through. For me, it’s all about learning something new every single day to make money online.

The hardest part about the first few months is getting used to writing frequently until you have around 30 posts. These can be all about your niche and other subtopics you may choose. 

Some people can write 20 posts a week and are natural learners others take more time. It’s no bother, take your time and become your own business owner. Imagine not working for anyone else and being employed by yourself?

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