Easy Page Buildr – 20 Step Affiliate Game-Changer – Step 14

Welcome to Easy Page Buildr. I know you are wondering why to mention this again after step 9. If you’re one of those people that hate using page builders as they are so complicated, then I have some good news for you as I have just discovered one of the fastest and easiest page builders you will ever use, and the cost will blow you away.

You see, we all know that a LOT of people want to stick with what they already know and keep things as simple as possible because we all know that time is money.

Are you fed up with having countless amounts of coding and editing to complete with a program that is difficult to use, navigate and find instructions? I have the answer to your question right here on Born Affiliate that will guide you towards a brand-new page editor that does all the work for you.

This platform is an awesome platform that gives you all the tools that work in accordance with the site buildr. If you are new to online marketing, then Easy Page Buildr is the exact platform you need to accomplish your online goals.

If you are following this training step by step and learning about affiliate marketing great stuff, I am proud of you. If not please revert back to the How it Works page!

How to Buy Easy Page Buildr

Easy Page Buildr is newbie-friendly from where the creators didn’t want to create another complicated page editor that takes half your life to learn. It’s as simple as drag and drop, cut, and paste or pointing your browser to position your editing requirements.

Just click where you want to edit and create your content for each page. This really could not get any simpler, if you can point a mouse, click, and type, then you’ve already mastered Easy Page Buildr.

Creating funnels for some is the most important part of the business. Create a complete funnel very easily, such as Sales Pages, Affiliate Pages, OTO Pages, Squeeze Pages, Webinar Pages etc.

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You no longer need to worry about website design, moreover, there is nothing that you can’t do like other difficult platforms promote. Considering all the simplicity of Easy Page Buildr it is still a powerful platform to build your business on.

It’s as simple as uploading your domain, logging into the special admin control panel, and creating your pages with the built-in customize tool which allows you to edit and create your business.

Plus, right now you grab this for a single payment, and you can get started for under $10 (I was shocked at the price too) but I am told that they will be switching to recurring billing soon so now is the time to check this out.

Just to reassure you that this is not just another money-making scheme that won’t last there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s right 30 days to test the platform to decide if it’s for you.

Showcasing Your Videos

Good video editing software can help you showcase your products from every angle by producing professional promos for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere else you share brand videos. By advertising your ready-made funnels and pages you are bound to find success.

Implementation of videos onto the Easy Page Buildr platform has never been easier. Adding videos to your Easy Page Buildr page is as simple as it’s ever been so taking up the 30-day trial is a great plan to get started today.

In the future, Easy Page Buildr may be available for WordPress users too. WordPress has been at the forefront of page building platforms and plugins for years, however, Easy Page Buildr is sure to compete unless they merge platforms to create a plugin.

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Knowing which page builders best complement your business ideas is essential. Sure, it’s really cool having plugins attached to your WP dashboard, however too many slow your website down.

Therefore, I suggest trying out the Easy Page Buildr platform before you implement too many plugins on your website’s dashboard.

Thankfully, WordPress page builders now make it possible to create a professional WordPress site cheaply and easily all on your own, with no coding skills required.

However, as mentioned these platforms do slow your website down when added to your plugin dashboard. Remember Easy Page Buildr has been created as a stand-alone platform to create your funnels and sales pages.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Easy Page Buildr

Wealthy Affiliate is completely different from Easy Page Builr where it provides members with everything from hosting to the WordPress platform to build your business. Easy Site Buildr lets you build your website with all the simple tools but not the hosting side of things. It acts as an online portal to create blogs, landing pages and so on.

Wealthy Affiliate prides itself on the knowledge that passes through the platform on a daily basis with members constantly building up the training side of things to help the community. Easy Site Builr is more of an out of the box program that helps the creation of web pages easier.

Wealthy Affiliate wins hands down if you want your business all under one roof and provides all the analysis and tools to build your business. The training is second to none with three subscription options: Free, Premium and Premium Plus.

Many people start off as a free member, however, if you can afford the $49 a month premium is a great place to start to receive the training needed to move forward and build an online affiliate business that works.

What Does Easy Page Buildr Have to Offer?

Let me explain what Easy Page Buildr offers in terms of use and quality. It offers a fast dynamic editing system where everything is based on pointing and clicking to make your website design simple.

It’s very simple to integrate any of your autoresponders, payment processors and marketplaces. Imagine integrating your online shop with a great landing page for offers you need to promote.

If you need to advertise several offers you can duplicate the pages in seconds and get cracking with your new offers.

Simplifying the Process to the Easy Page Buildr Platform

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You can customize in-house on the Easy Page Buildr platform for all your product pages or even a simple sales funnel to attract customers. Should you wish to customize your pages, even more, Easy Page Buildr have included a simple option for you to easily add your own custom CSS or scripts.

Don’t forget the most important requirement is making your pages mobile-friendly, something that is offered with Easy Page Buildr as a necessity. Google praises websites that load up fast and accurately on search engines when observed on mobile phones.

If you are in search of something new, affordable and user friendly turn towards Easy Page Builder to progress to the next level with your page building and funnel creation.

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