Create Brand Intimacy & Power Up Your Online Business

Do you want to know how to create brand intimacy, be it your image or that of a product? The key factor here is to know yourself and what you’re good at therefore obtaining the experience to sell online. 

If you are selling products online, think about creating a memorable brand name to highlight your product portfolio. IKEA is a multinational group of companies that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, appliances, and home accessories.

Businesses like Ikea and Homebase cater for home comforts and style, therefore attracting all kinds of clients. Their website has a large number of large images that give a clear indication of price and quality.

The attraction here is to create a home-based theme with decor that is highly attractive, modern and comfortable. Almost all homely decor requirements at Ikea attract all levels of buyers.

IKEA uses mono-segment positioning by focusing on a single customer segment that is cost-conscious and prefers to get value for money. Branding to what a customer wants holds the key to success.

Imagine you are studying Ikea and want to establish yourself as a competitor. Ikea’s product line is slightly more expensive, however, its online store sells affordable homely accessories for all.

Boston-based Wayfair is the biggest online shopping platform for home furnishings, décor, and appliances. Its colourful, well-organized and well-navigated platform is easy to use and price-wise, therefore gathering hard-earned traffic from customers.

Ikea says you don’t need a big wallet to afford high-quality products that combine good function and design. To capture your turf, price is a huge factor and is a huge selling point.

If you create products even better there is nothing better than someone creating a product and selling it online. It’s your niche and enables you to give a lesson of belief to your customers that your product is the best.

Ikea’s Game-Plan

If you want to create brand intimacy take a look at Ikea to acquire the knowledge to compete. IKEA has managed to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering modern furniture designs at an affordable price.

The company is guided by the vision of creating a better everyday life for its customers through home furnishing solutions. It follows a low-cost and obligation-free business model.

With high flexibility and low investment cost to serve various customer needs across different geographies, it competes with the best. There are around  445 stores spread over 50 countries.

Even though it’s often seen as operating in the higher-end market, prices are still lower than many other brands both online and at the department stores. Competing with Ikea is where you need to be to capture that all anticipated online turf.

Creating Your Brand

Your online store needs to be cost-effective which is how Ikea establishes a stronghold online and at the department store. Ikea is able to offer low prices thanks to a combination of economies of scale and technology integration into various business processes.

Ikea includes self-owned forestry operations, forestry specialists, and direct sourcing from over 1,000 suppliers in more than 50 countries. This is what gives its competitive advantage as a world-class branded global furniture retailer.

It’s impossible, right? Every business has to start somewhere, moreover a new business in retail needs to accumulate suppliers. The key is to start with a few affiliate products and build on those.

If you’re building an affiliate business there are thousands of retail companies that want you to sell their goods. Start with affiliated products until you have suppliers that want you to sell for them via your themed website.

Drop-shipping is a great way to monopolize an online store so if you’re concerned about paperwork and inventory don’t be. Everything is dealt with in-house from labelling to delivery and so on. All you have to do is sell online from your website and checkout.

Branding Yourself as an Online Mentor

Create brand intimacy by promoting yourself with what you have learned over the years. Even if you are a new starter learn everything there is to know about your niche. Do you want to trade as your name being the trademark?

These days entrepreneurs from all over the world sell their secrets and stories as to how they became millionaires. Websites appear daily from those that have been lucky enough to win the game.

Sharing useful and interesting information about your winning solutions attracts a lot of traffic. This is only possible if you have already reached some success and can prove your knowledge and sales.

This is why it’s so difficult to sell yourself online from the start because you need to have evidence of success. This is what draws traffic and customers who want to know how you became a success with your winning formula.

How to Brand Yourself as a Mentor (Continued)

I have been working on several websites for some time and watched the traffic grow, however, I am now asked to mentor others. I achieve this through affiliate marketing and choosing the best platform to build a business.

I have branded myself as someone who trusts a business I use to utilise my skills via training and online business creation. I explain to newbies that a website can be built within four days for free, domain name included.

I have branded myself as a mentor via referrals and although this is recent news I have been waiting a long time to establish this part of my training for affiliate marketing.

You can become a part of Wealthy Affiliate from where you will meet me on the other side to explain the training. The training is simple and educational and allows you to create your business for free.

The training allows you to learn, become a mentor yourself and attract others via various affiliate programs. All is revealed on the inside but you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review today.

Customer Intimacy & Guidelines

Customer intimacy is a relationship between a company and its customer, where the company collects information to better understand and serve the customer. These days almost all social media apps collect information about you.

This information is used to create brand intimacy with all the information you have given them. For some, this goes against belief, however unfortunately is a sign of the times. This is why Facebook etc knows so much about us to offer their products.

Create Brand Intimacy

To start an intimate brand relationship, a consumer must exhibit a strong emotional connection with a brand. Everyone intimate with a brand has a strong emotional connection. This is what sells online and creates product awareness.

Provide an experience beyond the conversion to receive ultimate trust in your products or services. Show authority within your advertising content and leave no stones unturned.

Drive passion into your business by getting customers involved for feedback via comments and spend time understanding their requirements. Make customers feel good about themselves and equip them with knowledge as to the reason why you want to help them.

The reason to create brand intimacy is to be trusted, liked and approachable online. You don’t want your customers leaving at the first paragraph of your sales content. Nurture them and answer their questions.

Write down all the questions as if you are the customer and answer them one by one on how you can help them. Addressing the fundamental need to belong. As humans, we have a need to belong to close groups and form close bonds with the community and people around us so make this show.

Stay Fun & Focused with Content Writing

Always stay motivated and cheerful with your product reviews and have a cognitive merging effect with your words for emotions. A sense of attachment and loyalty goes a long way online so stay alert for a customer’s understanding.

Reflect happiness and fun where appropriate and bring a smile to a customer’s day by being honest and reliable. If you’re not showing fun and honesty on your authority pages a customer may leave so go to town on product reviews.

Emotional Branding teaches a company to build its personality to create a lasting impact on users. It tells a customer who you are, what you have achieved and how good a service or product you are selling is.

Brand personality is a framework that helps a company or organization shape the way people feel about its product, service, or mission. Become worthy of customer intimacy, product leadership, and operational excellence.

How to Build a Sales Culture to Create Brand Intimacy

Remember to foster friendly competition and commit to agile philosophy, moreover, stay focused. Effectively collaborate and share knowledge throughout your website and teach the truth via discipline. 

Build trust in the knowledge and share a common vision for all and master the art of success through ongoing learning and development. Maintain accountability and have trust in your online authority.

I hope you have learned a few ideas from me today and I truly wish you luck in all you want to achieve online. It’s not easy, however, can be learned with the right mindset for motivation.

Let your customers trust your authority and lead them towards a place where all their questions are answered to have them return over and over again.

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