Content Writing Advice to Establish Yourself On The Internet

Have you ever wondered how to establish yourself on the internet with content writing? Today I’m going to give some content writing advice for those that need to know where to begin.

There is a huge lesson to be learned here called motivation from which you must enjoy your time writing. Turn it into something you love doing and write as much as you can.

My content writing advice comes at a time most of you are thinking about a niche to launch your business. You must choose wisely and choose something you are passionate about.

Choose a niche that is not so broad in terms of popularity, therefore targeting a market that is interested in one specific thing. Let’s say you choose gardening from where you can narrow it down to gardening on allotments.

Studying the popularity of your niche on Google will enlighten you on which direction to take. Narrow down your niche to fit a specific audience, therefore creating unique clicks.

Create an affiliate marketing content strategy before writing it. Create headings and subheadings (H1, H2 & H3) that attract attention. Plan out in sequence from start to finish about what you want to teach.

Enlighten your customers with sound advice that answers their questions. Most customers are looking for answers, be it a product or service you are selling. If you’re writing reviews be sure to make good honest comparisons.

Mind Mapping Your Niche

There are millions of content writing advice websites on the internet, however, mind-mapping concentrates on your niche. Draw a circle on a piece of paper and write down all the questions branching off from the circle.

Mind Mapping Questions 

  • What is mind mapping?
  • How can I begin my journey to sell online?
  • When can I start to write content?
  • How long does it take to write content?
  • Can I research content to use?

Mind mapping is a technique used to elicit as many answers as you can about your niche or keyword (s). Your journey starts when you have a clear picture of what you want to sell and how you’re going to implement the content into your website.

Content writing for me takes around 5 hours to plan and write a post, article or review from start to finish. I remember it took me two days bearing in mind I had little knowledge of SEO.

Mind mapping allows you to answer the questions your customers may ask to lead them through your sales funnel or subscription. Once you have tried mind mapping it will be second nature.

Write About Events Related to Your Niche

If your niche is gardening and you narrow it down to gardening on allotments you can make a list of what to grow in what order. You could cover how to begin the growing process for each vegetable or plant.

There is enough information there to keep me busy for two days if I break the niche down into subheadings. You could even narrow down your niche even more to gardening on allotments to grow tomatoes. 

This technique directs your content to an audience that wants to learn one specific job, therefore homing in a unique audience. Writing from your own passion (Niche) allows you to cover all aspects for customers to make a choice.

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Mind-Mapping for Bloggers

If you want to write a blog you could cover one specific gardening process on one blog, therefore carving space for many blogs to cover the whole niche (Gardening). Here are some examples from mind-mapping.

  • How can I prepare my allotment for spring?
  • Which vegetables need planting first?
  • What can I do to my allotment during the winter months?
  • How much money do I need to invest to succeed in my allotment?
  • Do I need to prepare a lot to become a successful allotment owner?

I’ve mind-mapped some questions customers might ask, therefore with your specialization in the subject all answers can be covered with your unique content structure. You could break it down into seasons if you wish.

Write Detailed and Honest Product Reviews

Most good content writing advice will position your business in preparation to sell online. Whatever your niche, if you’re writing product reviews be precise, and on topic with good honest product reviews.

You can break down the review into sub-heading.

  • What does the product do to improve a situation?
  • How much does the product compare to others?
  • Are there any downsides to the product?
  • Does the quality reflect the price?
  • How can I know it’s the right product choice?

These are all questions to ask yourself to maintain a relationship with your audience, moreover, make comparisons about quality and price. The customer will return if you continuously update your website for them to learn more.

Write to The Bigger Audience – Content Writing Advice

If you are writing a blog about maintaining and running a garden, think about the bigger audience. Create the authority within your niche to pass on great knowledge about how to achieve.

Concentrate on the larger audience, therefore, aim for those that have a passion for growing their own plants and herbs. Cover a broader audience within the authority blog and teach the true lesson to your audience for them to achieve.

  • How do you maintain a privately owned garden?
  • What Should I be looking at in terms of garden size?
  • What are the benefits of owning a garden to grow things?
  • How many hours should I spend in the garden each day?
  • Can I make a garden into a business selling my plants and vegetables?

These are all questions that relate to a wider audience targeting those that perhaps want to make it into a business via gardening. This is a huge niche so think more about narrowing it down.

Research Your Prospects and Your Products

Make time to research where people that are connected to your niche hang out. You can use social media to direct you to the passion for gardening or how to grow plants and herbs.

Find out what the new trends are in the business and talk to people that are interested in your niche. Answer questions, elicit information and share comments to produce a wider range of followers.

By researching your products and prospects for your learning. This grows to create great product reviews, product comparisons, product roundups, resource pages, tutorials and eBooks.

How I break Down my Niche (SEO)

Make sure there are no stones unturned almost like writing a review for SEO, the customers must be taught about how to make money online for free. It’s a huge market so for me I break that down into helping people with a specific problem.

I wrote a review about helping college school dropouts to introduce them to affiliate marketing, however, before that, I researched the problems first. I also wrote a post about helping senior citizens after they retire.

The Basics of Building an Online Business

I hope my content writing advice has tempted you towards success for an online business that works. Content writing is easier when you plan ahead. If you do your keyword research beforehand for each post or review your SEO score via Google will improve.

Keywords drive motion in telling the search engines what your website is all about, moreover, it ranks a website accordingly. If you keep on topic, choose keywords that relate to your niche and write with passion you will succeed.

  • Create a Niche before you build a website.
  • Mind map your topics and plan your content.
  • Create headings for each area of your post and make it flow.
  • Create your niche for a unique audience.
  • Implement on-topic real keywords for the search engines.

Have an Approximate Word Count in Mind

Make sure you have an approximate word count in mind to concentrate on what you want to cover. If it’s a broader niche such as gardening you could write forever. Try not to write too much about a broader niche.

Concentrate on breaking your niche down and make your posts around about 1500 words, moreover, make sure your writing is grammatically correct. You can use editing tools to help you with spelling and grammar.

I use Grammarly Pro and Google Docs for my posts. I save time by checking word counts and making sure I am not missing anything. I use Google Voice voice typing on some occasions.

Be Objective and Review Both Pros and Cons

It’s a hard bargain writing about pros and cons, However telling the real deal often means that a customer will see it as a bonus. If you have lots of pros it’s a great product, however, sometimes you will need to be honest and write about the negatives.

Perhaps a hard drive for a computer has 1T of space which reflects on the price, however, the complete spec indicates it’s a great product. The price often determines the usability and need.

A customer may only require a computer that has 100G of space on the hard drive hence he is willing to buy a high spec PC that is favourable for his storage needs. Like an allotment business selling 100%, organic vegetables is a business that will attract buyers.

If you haven’t looked around this website there are many more posts and reviews to help you, moreover, there is free training. I have created a training course called the 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer for new online business owners. Thank You for taking the time to read this content writing advice and please feel free to comment if you so wish.

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