Born Affiliate & English Grammar Online for Success 2022

Welcome to Born Affiliate & English Grammar Online for Success 2022 where I discuss the true elements of healthy grammar and online etiquette. These days social media is the main tool for communication.

However, far less attention is paid to English grammar online when writing SEO content for a website. Social media is a fast-track method of expression with the use of Emojis and fast typing.

Therefore, it seems less likely anyone will complain about bad grammar especially in a society where texting and using slang terminology is normal.

SEO/AIO states that to score higher through website ranking one should write less in passive voice and more in present, moreover, paying attention strategically to teaching an audience by means of a review to sell a product.

The passive voice almost always makes your message less clear, therefore, your message is almost always made interesting by using the passive voice.

A customer wants to learn what a product does now not what it used to do as far as performance or quality is concerned, therefore, the time is now to incorporate active voice into writing content.

With English grammar online a website’s readability is to target an audience to enable them to digest written text. … A site that is lacking in readability will not be deemed an authority on the subject matter.

Some writers are attracted to the passive voice because they think it sounds authoritative and somehow “official.” Remember to always incorporate keywords into your active voice for SEO improvements.

How to Differentiate Between Active & Passive Voice

The easiest way to differentiate between active and passive voice is to see where the emphasis falls in the sentence structure. Sentences are made up of something (subject) carrying out an action (verb)

For example: ‘’A new guitar plays well with high-quality strings which improve the quality of sound.’’ In general, the active voice makes your writing stronger, more direct, and, you guessed it, more active.

The active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb. It follows a clear subject + verb + object construct that’s easy to read.

How to Improve English Grammar Online

The Attempt to Avoid the First- or Second-Person Narrative

There are two instances when this typically happens. The first involves an attempt to avoid the first or second person. The second derives from a lack of knowledge or research hence writing in a passive voice to mention how things were.

Born Affiliate & English Grammar Online for Success 2022 review incorporates the SEO requirements to gain traction online, therefore gaining a larger audience.

It’s easy to spot the passive voice through content, therefore reading is important to learn the difference between both the passive and active voice, moreover, it’s something that becomes natural to write to succeed.

Yoast SEO Plugin, recommends using the passive voice in a maximum of 10% of your sentences. This is alternatively is how to improve traffic for improved English grammar online for an increased audience.

Here’s an example of a Passive Voice

In some passive sentences, you can omit the person. ‘I was ashamed’, for example, is a perfectly sensible passive sentence, although it provides less information.

The passive voice almost always makes your writing more distant and your message less clear. There are two main reasons for this. Let’s research a new sentence.

Active Voice: Daniel ate six sausages at dinner.

Passive Voice: At dinner, six sausages were eaten by Daniel.

The sentence is made far more interesting for an audience to read, therefore, gains a wider audience to drive traffic from where SEO is important.  

It is far less boring to write in an active voice and covers a far wider range of information for the subject. The active sentence conveys the same information, however, whenever you use passive voice, always consider whether a better, active alternative is available.

Keep Your Customers Onsite for English Grammar Online

No matter how slick your web design, boring content will send visitors running like a farmer chasing a crow in his field. You can’t get visitors to stay on the page without something of substance to keep them there.

The substance is everything in modern-day SEO Content Delivery and keeping the content interesting is vital. This is a hard one for non-grammar-geeks to grasp sometimes. Basically, passive writing takes the doer of action out of the sentence, making the receiver of action the subject.

Keep your subject in mind for each sentence. If you show in your writing who/what is doing the action in the sentence, you will avoid passive voice.

It’s sometimes difficult to express English grammar online to an English teacher who teaches passive voice continuously to get the students attention for learning reasons.

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Is Passive Voice Weak and Incorrect?

You may have learned that the passive voice is incorrect, but it isn’t that simple. When used correctly and in moderation, the passive voice is fine. For example, “the content writer typed a review” is an active passage.

However, with a sentence composed of the passive voice, the subject is acted upon. For example, “The review was typed by the content writer” is a passive sentence.

In most cases, it’s more difficult to read and not as clear. ‘’Born Affiliate was created by Stephen Peter Jones.’’ Even better Stephen Peter Jones is the creator of Born Affiliate.

Readability is the key to your organic search engine ranking. It’s logical. If no one can read what you wrote, they will not hang out on your page.

Is the Use of Passive Voice Part of Readability?

Use it sparingly. Aim for active voice. So, granted the knowledge that Google understands the language very well, could this be an SEO ranking factor?

It’s said that Google’s algorithms do not specifically search for poor English grammar online, however, they do consider readability so try to keep it as active as possible, therefore making customers return because that’s what Google love, returning customers.

What Does Google Specifically State?

Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content. Moreover, avoid writing poor content with many spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Finally, creating high-quality content takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill. Content should be factually accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive.

What Does This Mean to Webmasters?

It’s challenging learning how to write content in an active voice at the best of times, moreover, it’s overwhelming going through content with a fine-tooth comb.

These rules apply to affiliate marketers who write reviews, articles, and posts. Knowing the pure basics from this lesson is to save you a whole lot of time with English grammar online with the etiquette you need to succeed.

If you are an older English teacher like I am this lesson should be specific enough to conclude your content writing ability. The source for information online these days is huge, therefore make sure you read the content thoroughly before getting ideas.

The key to success lies in what is written for reviews, articles, and online posts. therefore, make it top of your bucket list to learn how to save time by writing correctly the first time.

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