Learn About Algorithmic Thinking Psychology – Step 2

The algorithmic thinking psychology method combines all activities we incorporate online today as we depend on a set of procedures. These procedures manoeuvre us with our approach online as we develop as true online marketers.

Anyone that has been to university and studied mathematical equations will tell you that almost all definitions of success can be broken down into an equation.

The problem is by understanding algorithms does not always mean success, moreover, success to write content for an audience online doesn’t mean success online either. What does mean success online?

The ultimate problem-solving approach is known as algorithms thinking psychology. It is a defined set of step-by-step procedures that provides the correct answer to a particular problem. In some cases, you must follow a particular set of steps to solve the problem.

These days there are hundreds of content ranking plugins that mislead us into believing we are writing content at a good level. If that were the case, why do ranking posts that deliver 100% for content construction never reach number one on the Google search engine? The problem lies in learning to write for an audience to sell online.


When you are writing about an event you tend to concentrate on the actual time and happenings of the day. When you write about a product you want to sell you must learn to break the product information down into descriptive headings.

Explain how it can help someone and why it’s the best solution instead of buying a similar product. Talk about the reduced cost and of course the quality.

By using your algorithms close to hand, you will break down the product and answer all customer needs in a few paragraphs.

An algorithm is a methodical, logical rule or procedure that guarantees to solve a particular problem. There are millions of problems that can be solved with the use of algorithms. Look at Google and its huge success when concentrating on the arrangement of billions of websites.

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Google is not perfect, but it works to solve our own unique problems online. To succeed we must concentrate on our content structure and writing for the reader, our customers. Just like I am doing for you today! I choose to direct your attention to the meaning of success and how to achieve it. If you were to list the needs for a successful career online, it would go something like this:


  1. Specify Your Niche and Develop a Unique Brand.
  2. Count On Online Solutions to Achieve Scalability.
  3. Invest in Video Marketing.
  4. Know Your Audience Well.
  5. Focus On Content Marketing.
  6. Use Paid Media to Increase Your Reach.
  7. Establish Partnerships.

Algorithms and Thinking Psychology – The Simple Approach

There is a procedure of needs that reflect on online activities that need to be accomplished and addressed to reach at least some level of success. In terms of algorithms let’s not get confused with mathematics, moreover, concentrate on things that need to be done to reach a level of success.

Success comes in order of needs. The simplest is finding a domain name that suits your niche, finding a training program that gives you momentum and somewhere to receive continuous training each day.

Taking a dip in the ocean doesn’t mean you know how many gallons of water is contained within it. That’s how powerful Google has become in knowing where to rank the billions of websites that appear online each day. To work Google out you must look at how you control your website’s content.

Know your niche, understand the basics of content structure, and learn to write to an audience. Without someone to write to you are containing your information. Get out there and tell your audience what you know. Google loves authority and that authoritative attitude means learning your niche outright.

Where do I start with Basic Algorithms for Online Success?

Nothing beats motivation, an attitude to move forward with a whole lot of online experience that you will gain from this 20 Step Game-Changer. I’m going to place you in front of the class, and you are going to teach about the need to succeed.

Write down ten things that you would like to accomplish in this life and get your students to write down theirs. Hold on to your list safely and read them from time to time. think about the order you would like to achieve them, why and when.

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This is your broken-down algorithm of success, your own success. Tell your students to do the same. You may be surprised at how many students love you as a teacher later in life after their own success unfolds through your teaching. This is how I gained momentum for success over 10 years of teaching English as a foreign language overseas.

If you are not a teacher don’t worry you will be teaching online about your niche to your audience. Through the creation of lesson plans for five levels of students, I wrote a whole course in four years by using the algorithms thinking psychology. I learned to plan, adapt to change with the school curriculum and provide great lessons.

The Order of the Algorithmic Thinking Psychology

Imagine you are writing about an order of events, something that took place in an order that meant success. You should always be writing about success as an online business owner. If it’s a product you sell then write about how it attracts many people around the world, how successful it is and why you believe in it.

It’s that order that will attract customers to your website. if you are not sure about something heuristics can be mental shortcuts that ease the cognitive load of deciding. ...

Examples that employ heuristics include using trial and error, a rule of thumb or an educated guess. make sure your guess comes from a good experience that way it’s likely to be a fact. However, if you are not sure there is nothing better than research.

What do Algorithms look like?

An algorithm is often expressed in the form of a graph, where a square represents each step. Arrows then branch off from each step to point to possible directions that you may take to solve the problem.

If you learn to create an algorithm you can create a direction for your online business. By adding extra ideas and directions to branch off to your ideas can be resolved in another form almost like a sales funnel.

Check the image to the left-hand side that focuses on how a combined interaction of many things can make the whole theme  work.

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From your authority page to your continuity page your funnel will succeed knowing the basics of how sales funnels work. The upside of using an algorithm to solve a problem or decide is that yields the best possible answer every time.

It makes sense to list all improvements made, how you achieved them and the outcome for success. this will reflect on your next business to think about multiple websites for business.

Trial of the Algorithmic Thinking Psychology

Want to know where you can have all the training with tools and a free website to get you started? Please consider our membership program from Wealthy Affiliate where all the training can be gathered for online success in as little as a few months.

I have been with them for two years and built several websites that work. It’s a no brainer when you think how much it costs to start a business so finding out more from our team will show you how it’s all done.

Placing Things in Order of Events for SEO

Suppose we asked you how many ways there are to arrange the letters in the word COMPUTER, and, even more, we asked you to sketch out an algorithm that would enumerate an organized list of all the arrangements.

My guess is this will balance your algorithms thinking psychology ten-fold due to the fact the competition to achieve will be immense if you have read this far.

It’s all about placing things in order or out of order to make more sense of one thing. Like a jigsaw puzzle, many pieces look alike but none are the same so there are many directions to take before you complete the task.

If you are writing a post don’t drift off out of the subject, try to keep on topic, in order of events and take note of what the reader wants to hear. these will later be your customers if this direction is taken.

Tell people what they want to hear in order to reason for them to buy from you. Like a spider’s web that was spun to last ten years, you must take your time to capture a sale on the internet. of course, we treat our customers with utter true respect to capture their attention and gain momentum in our sales online. Always remember we don’t set any traps.

Rounding Up the Algorithmic Thinking Psychology

Throughout this 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Gamer-Changer course, you will learn to simplify tasks, round things up in your own mind and become worthy of taking it to the next level. A recipe is a good example of an algorithm because it says what must be done, step by step.

It takes inputs (ingredients) and produces an output (the completed dish). That’s what you’re looking for in this training to conclude by research and online development. Making it sound easy because algorithms amount to most procedures we do daily. It just so happens to be more in-depth online as Google have proved.

Learn to live your life as an online entrepreneur the easy way and research all I teach that you don’t understand. Finding the correct recipe is easy but cooking it to perfection can be hard work.

We are all different, however, finding those that trust and like your online business will be recurring customers if you think about planning your algorithm experience online to perfection.

(Author) Stephen Peter Jones

WOW ! – Here’s What You Have Learned so Far!

  1. The algorithmic thinking psychology method combines all activities we incorporate online today.
  2. An algorithm is a methodical, logical rule or procedure that guarantees to solve a particular problem.
  3. Google is not perfect, but it works to solve our own unique problems online to rank in all search engines.
  4. An algorithm is often expressed in the form of a graph, where a square represents each step.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article. I found it to be very informative. I agree with you, that establishing a niche is definitely paramount in building a following. Content is king, but we can’t have decent content without a clear direction and a target audience. It is helpful to think of things in algorithms, I find that mind-mapping and flow charts drastically increase productivity and effectiveness in my own life and business.

    • Hi Ian,

      I think we live in an algorithm type of world where issues can be resolved via a meaningful plan of action almost like building an online business. Yes, mind mapping is a good example of how we solve problems and increase productivity. If we resolve problems in an algorithmic psychology way most of our problems later become resolved naturally as we build businesses. Thank You for your comment. 

  2. Thanks for your post. It is absolutely essential to have a niche (targeted) audience, otherwise, you won’t be successful. If you’re a jack of all trades, you’ll be a master of none. WA teaches us that we can’t sell everything to everyone. We need to be “specialists”. Google has its algorithm. But we have to do our part and stay targeted. Great post.

    • Hi Shalisha

      Indeed we have to stay focused at all times to remain active with niche market content and keyword structure. Knowing our audience is what’s needed and reaching out to them with helpful on-topic information is a must and we should treat our customers like friends. My approach is to give the correct niche information at the right time for the correct audience.

    • Hi Eric

      It’s like science reading the mind of a search engine and competing for the all-important position to achieve our goals to be on top of the pile to be rewarded by traffic. I want my audience or customers to follow suit and become something special with my training. Thanks for the comment and I am glad you liked it Eric.

      In Friendship


    • Hi james,

      Thanks for your kind words and it took me a while to write this training but it seems to work for most that give it a try. Thanks for your comment.

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