AIO/SEO – The 20 Step Game-Changer -Step 16

The SEO/AIO plugin that delivers a powerful analysis of your website’s SEO has been incorporated as a plugin into WordPress. It’s been around a while now so learn how this powerful SEO analysis tool is winning the race for entrepreneurs and webmasters around the world.

The SEO plugin now delivers results as the SEO/AIO plugin that monitors your content and allows you to follow a set of procedures for online content improvement.

Ultimately the use of the AIO/SEO plugin allows you to access a report at the end of your content construction to see what needs improving. Easily add title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and everything else you need for proper on-page SEO optimization.

Get actionable insights to boost your SEO and get more traffic. AIO/SEO Plugin – The 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Game-Changer is here to teach you the pure basics of how to utilise this remarkable plugin.

The AIO/SEO Plugin accumulates a given score with a set of procedures to eliminate any mistakes in your content. The score offered is 100/100 for perfection which is a score illuminated in green.

However, anything in the 80/100 mark is also illuminated in green and considered great too. Driven by perfection and going back into your content to rectify common mistakes is sure to drive your website forward for search engine ranking.

Understanding the AIOSEO Plugin

There are many SEO tools out there, however, the basic AIO/SEO Plugin version comes for free. The All-in-One SEO wins in terms of ease of use, better user experience, and more control over different features. And if you have more than one website, you’ll save a lot of money with All-in-One SEO.

You can install the free version of All-in-One SEO with AIO from inside your WordPress Dashboard. It takes a few attempts to maintain a higher score, however, you are sure to be delighted with its powerful breakdown of your content.

All-In-One SEO is a well-established SEO plugin for WordPress. It was completely rewritten in 2020 to improve its features and performance.

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Using the plugin will mean some work towards creating a better website, however, for the free version, it’s worth using it for a trial or hobby website. I have utilised the free version for a few of my websites and have never looked back.

If you go for the paid version over the next 14 days, if AIO/SEO isn’t the best fit, simply reach out! They will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

I haven’t met anyone that hasn’t improved their SEO skills to date even when trying out other plugins such as Yoast. All in One SEO is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. It caters for pretty much everyone in the online marketing industry.

Unlocking Your AIO/SEO Score

Your Score gives you a more in-depth analysis of your optimization efforts than just a pass or fail. The actionable checklist helps you to unlock maximum traffic with each page, post or review and is broken down into segments from where a guideline is forwarded to you after posting on what to change.

Sometimes it takes a matter of seconds and other times an hour or two, but the actionable checklist tells you everything to reach a higher score.

There are two checklists considered with the first being your focus keyphrase and the second being the page analysis. Both are important and are highlighted in red or green with red meaning there is some work to be done. As you can notice in my image below, I need to work on keyword phrases in subheadings.

How to Unlock Your AIOSEO SCORE

Keyphrase Score for AIO/SEO

How to Unlock Your AIOSEO Score

Page Analysis for AIO/SEO

Learning Page Analysis for AIOSEO

No one likes habits when placed in the context that it is something we do because we cannot stop. Not all habits are bad for example: Checking your website SEO progress via the All-In-One AIO/SEO plugin will help you improve your website and online business and assist you to reach a worthy score.

Rectifying Your AIO/SEO Content

I have been writing far better with my  AIO/SEO scores automatically hitting around 96/100 or more. There are times you feel a score doesn’t reflect the work you have done. However, try to think about it as a tool to succeed. It’s a powerful tool to decrease content mistakes and improve SEO Awareness.

If your All-in-One SEO plugin is left to run in the background, it will do most of the SEO handling of your post on autopilot, without much effort from you. Your score is best generated when you have completed your post.

You move from your editing program mine been Eliminator to your WordPress dashboard when it generates a score with the work you have completed and then it’s back to work to rectify and reach for a higher score.

How to Reach a Higher Score with AIO/SEO

I’ve mastered the easiest part to keep my titles below 60 characters or less. I use a tool called Word Counter which might seem lazy, but it gives an analysis of a title in full.

Included are characters with no spaces, characters with spaces, paragraph amount, sentence amount and word amount. It’s a tool you can also use to improve your editing for each paragraph to reflect on your AIO/SEO score.

Your Meta description is how you can reach a higher score. Implementing your keywords or phrases within the meta can improve your score somewhat and move you towards a better version of your post, page, or review.

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Another improved lesson is to add both outbound and inbound links to your content. An outbound link is a website or page that isn’t on the website you work on, and an inbound link is a page or post from the website you are working on.

If you have the time, energy, and enthusiasm, you can really drill down and dial in that score all the way to 100. Sometimes you may feel unhappy about a score and feel like publishing your post anyway.

Like I have mentioned if your score is highlighted in green it’s more likely to be added to the index queue and compete on search engines so if you have done all you can and reached a high score go ahead a publish.

Another option is to click on the readability link and find out what needs to be altered to generate an improved score. This may be using passive voice too much or not enough transition words to present your paragraph structure better for search engines.

Another error you may come across is the use of too many of the same sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. All it takes is a little thought and practice to repair the fault to reach a higher score.

The Easiest Way to Implement AIO/SEO onto Your Website

The easiest method to implement AIO/SEO onto your website is from the dashboard if you’re a WordPress website owner. It’s simple to navigate and operates with a setup wizard. There are thousands of videos on YouTube if you’re looking for extra training aimed at setting everything up correctly.

Overall, All-In-One SEO is an amazing tool to enhance your content writing to measure and analyse posts, pages, and reviews. It guides you throughout your writing what needs to be improved which for most is a great lesson towards gaining maximum coverage on the internet.

How to Implement AIOSEO onto Your Website

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