About me

Hello,  Welcome to my about me page for my audience all over the world. My name is Stephen Peter Jones. Born Affiliate is an idea I have to assist everyone into the world of affiliate marketing from where the training creates success.

Here is where you will learn the true inspiration for affiliate marketing and how the Twenty-Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy will assist you to find a balance to control your time to become a successful affiliate marketer. Learning about me will enlighten your journey to assist you to find trust in the strategies here on born affiliate.

About Me & My Understanding of Affiliate Marketing

My understanding of affiliate marketing has grown ten-fold with continued research and training for content management over the years moreover it has made me who I am today. With my persistent enthusiasm for success, I have become more balanced and consider time management the key attribute to maintaining a calculated approach towards success.

Born in England and spending many years overseas travelling and teaching English gives me the tools to write clear, concise on-topic content for marketing today. Learning about me should inspire you to become more motivated and clearer about the goals you wish to achieve.

Over time, my efforts have explained to me what it takes to become successful through content delivery achievement. It explains what it takes to become more motivated to succeed.

It All Started at Wealthy Affiliate with all the Training Gained to Succeed

Initially, after a few years of success some years back I had become a little rusty and needed a community and platform to build my new businesses on. I decided to approach Kyle & Carson, owners and creators of the Wealthy Affiliate platform from where it all began for me.

The training is straightforward, in sequence and it works. By taking the training I was able to have a website up and running within a week. I now implement content into my websites on a daily basis to help others. 

If your looking for a community that is helpful, full of success and able to give you all the tools to build your business this is where I suggest you start. You’ll learn far more here than anywhere else on one platform on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 17 years and creates wealthy people each and every day.

My Approach in the Early Days – 2002 (Thailand)

After spending 5 years in Thailand, I missed home, however, my journey while there was at most productive for learning. Not only did I become a great teacher via training I also learned about website construction and affiliate marketing by creating and running a hotel booking website. I also controlled and maintained a forum for travelling around Southeast Asia.

These were the early days that helped me deliver more success for travel and the need to make it a more permanent venture into online success for today and of course for more travel. I have travelled to over 80 cities and 36 countries around the world and consider this a huge reason to continue my online activity for success.

These days I deliver online content for affiliate marketers via my limited company, Freedom to Roam Marketing. Creating the website has taught me a whole mixture of affiliate marketing ideas through research for Search Engine Optimisation.

With over 160 affiliate marketing and SEO related posts, I have stamped authority all over the web. Your content writing will improve if you learn more about me and my 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy. This in turn will prove that all I do for others is worth all the work online I have done over the years.

My Involvement with Affiliate Marketing

Since being involved with affiliate marketing and content writing for my audience I have achieved the goal of freewriting direct into WordPress. I learned this through continuous practice and steering away from word processing programs to prove to myself that time can be saved when content readability levels reach a high level of satisfaction.

I consider myself patient and consistent with all my plans and monitor time spent online for offline hobbies. Reading is a must for me to learn as much as I can from an entrepreneurial approach, moreover, it gives me knowledge. Podcasts via the platform I use for affiliate marketing provides me with the strength to manoeuvre my ambitions towards even more success.

Unfold Your Future with Wealthy Affiliate & Make New Online Friends

Want to know where you can have all the training with tools and a free website to get you started? Please consider our membership program from Wealthy Affiliate where all the training can be gathered for online success in as little as a few months.

I have been with them for two years and built several websites that work. It’s a no brainer when you think how much it costs to start a business so finding out more from our team will show you how it’s all done.

Are you feeling lost about this huge lesson about making money online? Nothing is more painful than sifting through a million websites to find out how it’s all done. What if I told you that all lessons and online business start-up strategies can be found under one roof.

This is our huge family of online marketers reaching out from the training we provide for you to reach success. We have a community that cares, helps and engages with your needs for your success with live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

It’s a no brainer to join us and a great motivation for you to make friends (Lot’s of them) and learn how to make an online business that works.

Why Create Born Affiliate to Teach?

I am a true believer that helping others helps me. Adapting to others needs not only drives motivation into my day it also delivers a feeling of hope and direction for others. The more others learn from me the more I continue to learn and create content to teach. After all, my initial past career was teaching others. separating my time for others between my own success and that of others means being satisfied. You see helping others is how I get my satisfaction.

I guess by now you’re wondering about my success and how I make money. Like any other affiliate, I throw down the guidelines for direction. If you follow in my footsteps, you will at some point achieve given your patient. That’s what my 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy is about. I have more than one business that works well.

As a teacher, I have learned to construct and deliver lesson plans to Chinese business students looking for language development. I hope at this point learning about me is already a true vision for you to follow my path. I am not teaching you at this point that’s how it might feel, however, learn my 20 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy and you will feel more motivated to have taken a lesson to learn about the need to succeed online.

That is my reason to manifest into an even more successful person myself so I can deliver you far more knowledge to succeed. I am a proud person and acknowledge the needs of others through my own achievements and gather a true vision that someday I will retire a happy, wise old man.

It’s My Pleasure to Meet You on The Other Side

When communities unite inspirations from those that have already succeeded passed down to those that have just started is what makes the whole plan work. Learning from those that have done the training and are eager to help others throws trust into a community that cares. Wealthy Affiliate has all of this and more.

Meeting you would be unreal, however, relaying this about me page is a fantastic opportunity for me to express more about myself. It’s quite possible one day I might meet you on the other side an expression I have grown to love. The other side is where commitments are made and lessons are learned in terms of finding the true satisfaction to succeed from life’s true lessons.

’Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.’’