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A successful college dropout is not some dumb kid that couldn’t cope in society or at home. Dropping out of college doesn’t mean you’re unable to cope or function at school, university or college. 

There are many students globally dropping out of college to venture into making money online. You have heard all the reasons for health problems, college entrance fees, family pressures at home and so on. However the main reason these days seems to be to work online.

There are millions of bright college students that are able to learn affiliate marketing at an alarming rate. Studying is already part of their personal foundation for learning and they know how it’s done. A successful college dropout already knows there is great money to be made online.

There is no doubt about the numbers for success because we at Wealthy Affiliate know a successful college dropout has worked hard to reach such success. Many college dropouts enter the community on any given day to pursue and own affiliate businesses.

The community is a place to congregate, chat, swap ideas and build a business on one platform. The community is what creates wealth via training created by both members and admin.

It creates lasting friendships and allows for success for free at the beginning of training. On any given day hundreds of new members strive to learn how to make money online. The success of members is what makes the community and platform work overall.

Budgeting for a Student to Make Progress Online

The problem with affiliate marketing (Apparently) is that the setup fees are far too high for someone that wants to pursue a new affiliate business online. This is utter nonsense. WordPress allows a start-up website at a small cost.

If you have the budget to pay for subscriptions then you may want to consider the free method. You will be surprised by how effective it can be if you are creative with your promotions. 

If you learn how to create and implement content into a website you are halfway there, moreover, your business is growing. I am a successful college dropout after studying an IMS (Institute of Management Scotland) course from where I dropped out at degree level.

I am successful not only online, moreover, as an English teacher. I dropped out of my education career to come back home to England and pursue online marketing and I am glad I did. I wrote a post about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) about never giving in.

A Successful College Dropout Often Has Good Reason

I have travelled to over 30 countries and around 83 cities around the world after becoming a language teacher. I know a lot about students that have dropped out of education to become successful college dropouts later. 

Many of my students were from China whose parents sold textiles online which is mostly what my student’s dropped out of class to pursue. Once they had learned the basics of English they could communicate which for them seemed enough to drop out.

Living in a country that thrives on education such as China to witness students dropping out of college seemed strange. However, once a student has learned the basics of business English they so often strive to work online. They sell goods from China as their family businesses provide.

A Successful College Dropout Often Returns to Study

In a way, it’s tied to the main financial motivation, as students are forced to juggle their studies and jobs necessary to pay for those studies. Thus, the most common reason for high dropout rates is the lack of money for college and to work a business online of course.

Word of mouth has much cause for the landslide of students following suit of other class members. They hear about their peers earning $100, 000 a month and decide to quit college to pursue affiliate marketing.

On many occasions, once a successful college dropout has earned enough cash and can free up time they can study something they actually enjoy. This can be done in their own time. Once an affiliate marketing business is automated and monetised it runs itself.

Returning to study at this level with financial backing is far more fun. The will to learn increases and the ability to pay entrance fees is never a problem. Motivation runs high and the successful college student becomes even more successful upon graduation.

Your Direction if Your Thinking About Dropping out of College

If you would like to be a successful college dropout which I am not promoting due to high college fees I have a solution. Don’t drop out at all unless it’s taking up 90% of your time or you are 100% sure about it.

I would like to introduce a training course known as the Online Entrepreneur Certification. This course is free, can be studied within a week and allows you to have an affiliate business up and running within four days.

Remember I explained about the community for affiliate marketers earlier on in this post? Wealthy Affiliate is the training platform I utilize and is where it’s all happening. It creates wealth at an alarming rate for those that are serious about building an online affiliate business.

Wealthy Affiliate has had over 2.5 million members and hosts training to thousands each day. The training is learnable and allows you time to adjust to learning a new career path in affiliate marketing.

It’s by no means a get rich quick programme, however, it does fast track you towards learning the right way. As mentioned it is Wealthy Affiliates best interest to create as many successful entrepreneurs as possible and it works. Give it a shot and create your first free website and start the training from below.

Are You a Successful College Dropout Student?

Now I have introduced you to some ways to earn online cash perhaps you can do me a favour. Are you a successful college dropout student that has a story to tell? I would love to hear from you in the comments section below to explain your journey into the realm of making money online.

Thank you for reading my post and please remember whatever your reason for dropping out of college I am here to guide you towards success. It’s a direction I have taken along with many others that have succeeded.

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