A Marketing Customer Funnel for the Five Offer Funnel 2022

A Marketing customer funnel positions customers directly from a blog or website authority page towards the final sale page. There are five steps in the funnel I have chosen today called the Five Offer Funnel that we’re going to cover in this review.

The Five Offer Funnel covers how to sell products online. I came across this funnel way back in 2019 from an entrepreneur called Ryan Sletcher from South Africa from a platform that holds a competition each year.

The competition is to launch the best Five Offer Funnel system that makes money and the prize back then was an all exclusive paid trip to Bali. The competitions run each year and motivate all that enter the competition.

A Marketing custom funnel such as the five offer funnel can also be advertising to people directly searching for the problems you cover. The key is to be a problem solver, a great content writer and an entrepreneur that can answer any questions a customer may have.

If you choose a marketing customer funnel such as the Five Offer Funnel you’re looking at creating five stages to your online business. Moreover, it’s something that needs to include the authority of your content to sell online.

The authority content shows that you know everything about your niche, moreover it is to attract customers that need help. Your product can be anything from a product to a service. I chose a recruitment platform to sell platforms for hiring English teachers worldwide.

There are several steps to a sales funnel, usually known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, although these steps may vary depending on a company’s sales model. However, the Five Offer Funnel is what we are covering today.

Let’s Break down the funnel into five stages:

  1. Authority Blog
  2. Opt-In
  3. Micro Offer
  4. Core Offer
  5. Continuity

There are several steps I want you to think about before I go any further, moreover, I want you to understand the basics in order as to what is needed to achieve. I will break down these steps in each stage of the marketing customer funnel to explain.

  1. Choose a niche that you are really passionate about.
  2. Assess your niche passion and size and make sure it’s not a seasonal niche.
  3. Find or create a valuable product (Preferably a Digital Niche).
  4. It’s all about how you sell your product (How You Sell to Get People to Like You).
  5. Follow the Five Offer Framework to set up your business.
  6. Add Value to each step if you want it to work.

You will notice by the image (Introducing the Five Offer Funnel) below that you must think about remarketing your offers to customers from your Opt-In marketing campaign so each time a customer does not purchase you re-market the offer via email.

I want you to understand there needs to be a delay in between each offer or at least an hour between the authority, opt-in and micro offer to give your customers a chance to absorb the offer.

Between your micro offer and core offer create some excitement perhaps with a countdown placed on your homepage for the offers that you plan to launch.

Authority Blog (Get Customers Interested)

Your chosen niche is really important for your authority to take charge of your sales funnel. You don’t need to write thousands of introductory words to sell online. It’s important to tell customers about your product or service and how good it is.

You’ll also require to add some details about yourself, how you became interested in your niche and how great it is. A sales funnel is the marketing term for the journey potential customers goes through on the way to purchase so your authority being the first step is important.

What is a Marketing Customer funnel Supposed to Do?

A marketing customer funnel (Five Offer Funnel) is supposed to attract, interest and guide customers into true belief after reading your authority to trust you. You know how hard it online to gain trust online these days so cover lot’s about yourself and how you came to the idea to sell your product or service.

The better your content in the form of keywords and content-driven pages the more customers will reach your funnel, moreover, this is where they’ll leave their details and become a part of your funnel. Your funnel should be fully automated for them to receive emails about your niche product after the subscription to your Opt-In.

Your Opt-In triggers your autoresponders to send out emails for first-time subscribers and to rebrand your offers.

The Opt-In Process

Now you have reached an audience there is some work to think about in terms of offering something for free. You can add a few dollars to the price but the less the better here’s how. 

Offering a gift or a low price product will have customers trust you more. You could create a free eBook or sell it for a few dollars. The eBook should include all the information you need to express to customers to lead them further into the Five Offer Funnel about your product or service

The opt-in process allows you to respond to emails for the process to make sure they know about each product. Initially, there are only three products as I will explain. The opt-in is your first product for the offer to gain momentum and trust. The second is a Micro Offer.

Remember to have an automatic welcome page after subscription that goes directly to the micro offer so that customers sign up for this next offer in the marketing customer funnel (Five Offer Funnel) which is the Micro Offer.

The Micro Offer

A micro offer is designed to return some of the investments made by building your customer marketing funnel (Five Offer Funnel) This is a product that may be sold at around $29.99 no more.

The micro offer could be an in-depth analysis of your product, why it’s so great and where you found the ideas to become able to sell it. It could be some training on YouTube in the sequence of events.

You may wish to sell recipes for weight loss and have a process in order to achieve it hence a sequence of videos about cooking.

The whole idea is to return some capital for your hard work so that you can continue to create more awareness via advertising if needed to grow attention to your niche.

I sold a 40 slide presentation for training on how to use my English language recruitment platform. Next up is your highest value product called the Core Offer.

The Core Offer

The core offer is your main niche market product and could be just about anything that you cover in your authority, opt-in and micro offer. This could be in-depth training towards affiliate marketing success, another eBook or a product that has more product value within your niche.

A core offer can be anything from £29.99 upwards which is higher than your micro offer’s price. The reason is that you would have placed a lot of hard work into the core offer to make your business work allowing customers to return for the next offer which is called the continuity offer.

Remember between each offer you need a welcome page to the next offer so after they are to opt-in, you need to navigate customers towards a sign-up form to your Micro offer and also from your micro offer to your core offer. This is simply achieved with almost any e-commerce website builder.

You also need to be aware on each welcome page to your offers that if a customer doesn’t answer your emails or perhaps chooses not to purchase your eBook that some remarketing is needed to gain their interest. This can be done with an email campaign.

All this can be done with Aweber,  Ontraport or within your e-commerce site build platform.

Build, automate and scale your vision with Ontraport

Also, AWeber is an email marketing tool that allows you to:

Choose Aweber for a great email marketing campaign

  • View and analyse statistics related to your email marketing campaigns.
  • Automate your email marketing via the use of ‘autoresponders’
  • Design newsletters that can be sent to the subscribers on your list.
  • Create a mailing list and capture data onto it.

Continuity offer

Let’s talk about how you get ongoing payments with your niche, moreover how to make money from customers each month. Have you seen all the websites online that offer monthly payments?

This is where your whole marketing customer funnel (Five Offer Funnel) can achieve far more by selling your niche to each customer each month. Maybe you have a whole selection of ongoing training to offer and want to sell it.

This technique, however, means you have to create a lot of content that sells. Perhaps you have a complete guide to herbal remedies throughout the seasons that you want your customers to buy. Maybe you have a complete guide to travelling throughout the year for the best festivals and cultural benefits.

A Marketing customer funnel (Five Offer Funnel) is a great way to enhance your niche and its authority. If your product or service is attractive towards what customers need it will work. Always remember a customer is your friend, moreover, its someone that has gained trust in you.

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